In Qatar, brands compete in the world hypocrisy cup

Por qué en Catar las marcas disputan actualmente la copa mundial de la hipocresía

In Qatar, many brands are simply staging something that should already be taken for granted: that their aims are (apparently) real and in no way matched by economic interests.

In purely sporting terms World Cup in Qatar probably not the epitome of excellence. The news coming out of the womb of the so-called noblest tournament in the football universe is often completely unrelated to football and draws attention to brands that deliberately forego the World Cup in Qatar. But, How honest are the brands that proudly reject this competition?

Brands kicking calves at the World Cup held in Qatar, tolerant, inclusive, cosmopolitan and morally impeccable. And because they are transformed into advocates of the cause, they are also applauded by the general public.

German supermarket chain last week Rewe has decided to cut ties with the German Football Association (DFB). Due to resigning from wearing the rainbow “One Love” bracelet at World Cup matches in Qatar in the face of eventual sports sanctions by UEFA, The brand was flattered in its home country. Rewe became a world-class aim champion overnight.

But those who enthusiastically celebrated Rewe’s decision to oppose the German football team deliberately ignored an absolutely trivial piece of information. The retailer had already canceled its contract with the DFB in October, and last week it did nothing more than suspend something already touched by premature death. Even if, Rewe shamelessly used the “timing” chosen for the termination of his contract with the DFB to his advantage.In an article she accuses Bettina Sonnenschein, who will probably win her new clients. horizontal.

Are brands exaggerating their (alleged) purpose at the World Cup in Qatar to the point of exhaustion?

However, no one seemed bothered by Rewe’s obvious opportunism., perhaps because in these times brands need to fly the flag of purpose (yes or yes). Doesn’t it feel a little better than brands like Rewe or BrewDog? declared “proud sponsor” of the World Cup in Qatar in a campaign weeks agonow condemns the systematic violation of human rights in the Arab country? Haven’t human rights been systematically violated there for decades?

Why has no one ever raised their voice against the pathetic atrocities against human rights in Qatar? When the World Cup (which these brands are the official sponsors of) finally brings the curtain down, won’t we continue to drink Coca-Cola, eat McDonald’s and buy adidas beverage sets?

Many brands in Qatar are already staging things that should be taken lightly.: that its purpose is (apparently) real and in no way complies with interests of an economic nature.

Maybe it will lead to another misunderstanding, but be polite aim and living on it is the foundation of our society. It is not something added, but something that concerns us all and applies to both individual citizens and companies.

Again, some brands stick to the concept (with a vile groping) purpose to sell and so they shamelessly use it in their ad campaigns and make (false) promises.

Most brands that swear and falsely swear that it’s purpose, not sales, that drives them right now (life coincidences) are blatant lies.. Sonnenschein emphasizes that they are as dishonest as companies that prefer to show themselves in profile and count the days until the World Cup in Qatar is over. After all, the coveted title of “pichichi” in Qatar is almost certain to fall into the hands of hypocrisy.

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