La Nación / Pepe Costa and Federico Legal offer books on access to information

La Nación / Pepe Costa and Federico Legal offer books on access to information

Journalist José “Pepe” Costa and lawyer Federico Legal Aguilar will present their respective books as part of the international conference “Freedom of Expression and the Rule of Law: Inter-American Jurisprudence and the role of the Judiciary”. regarding the right of free access to publicly available information. The event will take place in the Courthouse’s Serafina Dávalos auditorium from 11:00 am on Tuesday, November 29.

In contact with La Nación / Nación Media, who presented her book “Access to public information,” Costa said the launch was due to Dr. Ricardo Pérez Manrique and Edison Lanza, IACHR’s former rapporteur on Freedom of Expression; will present a main conference in front of foreign and national bases.

He said that Ezequiel Santagada, Executive Director of the IDEA Institute and Director of Human Rights and Human Rights, will undertake the presentation of both his own book and his colleague’s book, entitled “On protecting access to public information.” Law Council Ambiental from the Paraguayan legal journal La Ley.

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Regarding his literary work, he underlined that it is a study on the reality and perspective of access to public information that he carried out in Paraguay within the framework of an academic study. He mentioned that the study covers the effective years of the Law on Access to Public Information No. 5282.

“Since there is no guarantor institution in our legal mechanism as in other countries, it is primarily focused on how the Judicial System is the guarantor of this human right in our country. The study is based on statistical analysis. There is a vision of how the system created by Law No. 5282 allows a significant number of requests for access to public information to be routed through the legally established system.”

He added that the same statistic shows how Justice behaves when access to public information is protected to protect the rights of citizens, when that right is denied by institutions that are essential for public information.

On the other hand, Costa stressed that during the inaugural conference, Unesco district councilor Rosa María González, among other officials, as well as Jorge Jiménez Martín, secretary general of the Ibero-American Network of Judicial Schools, will attend. among them, he highlighted La Ley, editor-in-chief, and former lawyer Roberto Moreno Rodríguez, editor-in-chief responsible for publishing the books. Finally, he emphasized that access will be for the whole public, because what is sought is to raise more awareness about this human right.

“Because it is an indispensable right for democracy. Democracy cannot exist without free, broad and guaranteed access to public information; citizens should be informed in order to fulfill their duties of controlling the administration of the authorities and their representatives. It is therefore essential to democracy, and this is the president of the Inter-American Court of Human Rights, Dr. It takes place in a much broader framework, such as the right to freedom of expression that Ricardo Pérez Manrique will speak. us,” he concluded.

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