Legal proceedings started against the hospitals where Patricia Ascuasiati was treated

Legal proceedings started against the hospitals where Patricia Ascuasiati was treated

After the choreographer and dance teacher, the late Patricia Ascuasiati, was crushed by her friend Mary Louise Ventura, who was also a choreographer, legal action was taken against General Plaza de la Salud and Vinicio Calventi hospitals, where first aid was given. prison.

The information was released by Patricia’s son Carlos Morales and lawyer José Gregorio Bautista, describing the impact of the artist’s death on the family and the circumstances in which the incident occurred on the 40th kilometer of the Juan Pablo Duarte highway.

When they were interviewed on María Elena Núñez’s TV show “Ser Humano,” they announced that the lawsuit against the hospitals would be known in December.

“Except what happened with Mary Louise and she’s already paying the price, no convictions yet, but she’s paying the price. Well, she had a role, she had a responsibility, let’s say that, but they’ll say the medical centers are mainly focused on Vinicio.

Calventi was near the area where he got first aid, where the person who found him took him there so he could get medical attention for the first few hours. . they are after something like this happens,” said Carlos Morales Asacuasiati.

He reminded that first aid was used to save lives, that they were not well taken care of when they were taken to the hospital, so they acted in accordance with the law.

“So, at first the attention did nothing, they kept him there for hours, he arrived broken, with the companion he was there with, he waited and waited and waited and waited; Carlos Ascuasiati, I understand that my uncle arrived at the scene, I understand that he arrived around 16:00.

“Because everything is in a darker tone now, things are not as bright and optimistic as they used to be, one doesn’t stop being optimistic, of course, he doesn’t let the events ruin him, but there is a certain innocence. this is missing. Morales said, “My mother is with her no matter how much you want to It was in a way that you always felt like a child,” he said.

He explained that his mother was a good person who maintained a certain innocence. “That was his style, so my stepdad called him, he named him Peter Pan because he kept us in a kind of eternal childhood, something like that; When he’s gone, the world feels more adult now but not in a positive way, because adulthood means taking control, taking control of a situation and handling it right, not in this case, in that case I eat everything bad, I feel like years have passed , I’m nearing the end of the road and now I’m just eating, all the bad sides of being an adult together, I can’t say it was something I saw something positive. There is nothing positive about it anywhere, in anything.”

After staying at Calventi, she remembered that they didn’t want to let her go, that she was there until 11:00 pm because there was no way to look after her, to help her. “And what they did, they got it wrong, and then okay, we’re going to take it somewhere; and no, they cannot take it as it is in a very fragile state.

Well, what are you trying to do? They finally took it with them; As far as I understand, the ambulance was not like an ambulance, as my brother told me, but something like a banana field, something like that…” he condemned.

He described being taken to the Plaza de la Salud, where Patricia Ascuasiati fought for her life. “There he is receiving medical care with a number of specialists who take care of him, as I understand it, no, I did not dig deep into the data, we did not get a good detail of everything that happened in the Plaza de Salud.” .

Lawyer José Gregorio Bautista speaks
“That part is still awaiting the verdict of the courts; because the witnesses and the statements of the parties must be heard in the process.

However, in the examination made by our law firm, it was determined and determined that yes, according to the medical documents presented, it was true that he came to the centers with a serious health condition. logically produced by an impact or vehicle collision, the effective cause of death according to the records, sorry, medical records, but medical reports.

“The effective cause of death is a septic infection, i.e. an as-yet undetermined bacterium he picked up at the medical center, but we will be able to diagnose it correctly when the medical record is presented to us. Did it happen in Calventi or did it happen in Plaza de la Salud.

The autopsy report is given by not one but two independent professionals affiliated with the Office of the Chief Public Prosecutor, that is, they have presumptions, that is, until they find evidence.”

“What we would like to be clear about is that when the medical record is presented to us, we will be able to clearly identify the medical treatment offered, the medical treatment provided, if it’s in line with the so-called Lex artis.” , with maximum information and effort, in accordance with the latest protocols and current medical regulations, yes, likewise, patients were fully informed about Ms. Ascuasiati’s conditions at the time of infection. verified, that is, in relation to the medical center, there is a corresponding obligation of consequence at certain moments of implementation of the hospitalization contract.

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