Legal pulse of CPCCS, two ‘councils’ claim legitimacy

Legal pulse of CPCCS, two 'councils' claim legitimacy

The Citizens’ Engagement Council (CPCCS) is divided. On the one hand, the four majority directors were dismissed and reinstated. On the other hand, the three minorities and reserves applied by the National Assembly. Both parties defend themselves through legal action.

this legal and political crisis The ‘control’ that has the Citizens Engagement Council (CPCCS) is growing. Each of the actors involved in the struggle follows his own path, ignoring self-contradictory decisions.

IT The National Assembly made and the two internal sides of the CPCCS do this. all wrapped up a series of legal actions await their decision.

Meanwhile, the appointment of at least three people control authorities they keep going.

Dismissed and reinstated

Members Ibeth Estupiñán, Francisco Bravo, María Fernanda Rivadeneira and Hernán Ulloa They were dismissed by the parliamentin a political case, but they got their wages back through a protective action.

Them make up the majority Within the CPCCS, since February when they replaced Sofía Almeida as head of the organization with Ulloa. This group holds proximity to governmentas well as legal recognition.

As the conservation action continues, the Minister of Government, Francisco Jiménez, confirmed that they will not recognize the reserves.

However, a protection case filed by a third party is not sufficient. Councilors headed by Ulloa, They also bet on other legal guarantees.

By having administrative management of the organization, this CPCCS make a complaint Before the prosecution, against the Assembly and against their own minority colleagues:

  • one for him Alleged crime of non-compliance with legitimate decisions competent authority, against Virgilio SaquicelaSpeaker of the Assembly.
  • one for him Allegations of usurpation of dutiesagainst the rulers David Rosero and Sofia Almeida.

They will also ask inspection commission The National Assembly exerts a political check on the said advisers for violating their duties, possible censorship and dismissal.

According to Ulloa, Rosero and Almeida sent letters to CPCCS officials asking them to suspend processes related to the selection of the future State Auditor General.

However, if this group continues using majority rule in the Council, its decisions must pass through the Assembly.

For example, not only assignments, Treasurer, but Public Defender and Inspector of Banksfor possession and subsequent use of the charges must reach the Legislative Assembly.

it may be there a new ’round’ in this political pulse Between the majority of the CPCCS and the Democratic Left, who dismissed legislators and deposed opponents of correísmo, social Christianity and Pachakutik.

Minority and reserves

This is the advisors blog. supported by majority in parliament National. Sofía Almeida, David Rosero and Juan Dávalos will attend Olindo Nastacuaz, captured As alternative consultant to CPCCS.

Rosero said they would wait for the House’s notification of the new properties, and when that happens, general assembly will.

However, he acknowledges that administrative authority within the Council still resides in Ulloa, but argues that the decisions these councilors continue to take will not have legal validity.

According to the minority adviser, the judge who accepted the protection case had already received the files sent by the Assembly. approve the dismissal of the majority. Therefore, they did not attend the sessions that Ulloa called.

And they’re going to continue without doing that, they just have to wait, he says. Also, trust this Legal objections by parliamenthe is making his own way against the majority.

A similar thing is advocated by Nastacuaz, the new deputy counsellor based in Ibarra. waiting to be called to its first general assembly in Quito to occupy the title position. He is not concerned about the ongoing legal battle as he confirms that there are no obstacles to his work.

But remains unknown about backups Karina Ponce and Mónica Moreira, who did not take office, and Carlos Figueroa, who did not attend the inauguration ceremony.

Ponce made a statement warning that he would await “the resolution of this dispute by the appropriate judicial authority”. Figueroa, on the other hand, said that he could not participate in the ball, but he was informed.

In turn, Moreira recalled that in the absence of regular managers, he had already been twice appointed director. “We are waiting for what might happen,” he said regarding ongoing legal proceedings.

But in it Decision to replace dismissed executivesThe parliament summoned four other citizens to appoint as substitutes: Gina Aguilar Ochoa, Joba Fon Fay, Alain Molestina and Olindo Nastacuaz.

Fon Fay passed away in 2020, Ochoa and Molestina did not participate. Only Nastacuaz was present at the event. Regarding the ownership of Figueroa, which is next on the list, the Speaker of the Assembly said that the issue will be discussed and decided.

Until the closing of this issue, there was no change in favor of the majority regarding the protection case.

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