Legal term of mayors expires, process will start again – El Sol de Hidalgo

Legal term of mayors expires, process will start again - El Sol de Hidalgo

Tomorrow night or early Wednesday, due process could be resumed against the three mayors still detained for diverting sources of what has been termed “Vicious Fraud”, after their advocates invoked the hypocrisy of the constitutional term. 144 hours to face the legal process.

After his arrest, the set deadline expires in the next few hours. As is known, the mayor of Nopala was released after he filed an amparo application before the judge.

The detained mayors are Epazoyucan, Yahualica and Huautla. In addition, municipalities take measures in accordance with the law and wait for it to be determined whether there will be a reserve in their staff or an extension of time is given to their owners to return if the process is carried out.

Recently, provincial governor Julio Menchaca Salazar reported that this resource diversion exceeded 500 million pesos and about 90 million pesos were recovered, but investigations continue.

That day, the office manager of the Hidalgo Attorney General’s Office (PGJEH) reported that the mayor, who had fled in Huejutla, was from Pisaflores.

Meanwhile, nine more files are pending, involving a total of 13 mayors and possibly some officials from the previous government administration.


A few days after taking office as governor of Hidalgo, Julio Menchaca Salazar announced that they had discovered a system of corruption (a sinister scam) that had so far identified six municipalities and diverted more than 200 million pesos. with the famous “moches” and the apparent spending to fight Covid-19. The above is during a visit to Huasteca at a press conference on September 20

On September 22, the head of the Hidalgo State Attorney General’s Office (PGJEH), Santiago Nieto Castillo, during his visit to the second Regional Education Meeting on Security and Police Action held in Tulancingo, said that until then there had been five anonymous complaints linked to Hidalgo. corruption problem of the old administration.

On this occasion, he said the municipality of Huautla and six other municipalities would be investigated.

On October 11, Governor Julio Menchaca assured some councilors that they were trying to recover the missing amounts in the referral network covering 13 municipalities within the party, where he met with some councilors to address these issues.

At the same time, he stated that they will wait for the results of the take-over process in the state public administration and will mainly seek the recovery of the referred resource, namely 520 million pesos.

On the subject, Juan Manuel Batres Campos, President of Coparmex Hidalgo, called for those responsible for the “sinister fraud” to be punished according to the law after the relevant investigations are completed.

On October 24, Álvaro Bardales Ramírez, head of the State Audit Office, announced that nine of the 13 municipalities involved in the corruption network are being investigated by the state government, suggesting that his predecessor was involved in the position and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Public Education (SEPH).

He mentioned Yahualica, Pisaflores, Huautla, Tlahuelilpan, Epazoyucan, Mineral del Monte, Nopala, Tepeji del Río and Singuilucan, and later Atotonilco el Grande, Huasalingo, Acaxochitlán and Zacualtipán merged for a total of 13 municipalities.

On this occasion, the mayor of Tepeji del Río, Salvador Jiménez Calzadilla, returned 58 out of a total of 71 million pesos, and the mayor of Singuilucan returned 26 out of 110 million pesos.

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On 23 November, it was officially announced that four of the 13 mayors involved in the fraud were arrested.

The Hidalgo Attorney General’s Office reported that the mayors of Nopala, Epazoyucan, Huautla and Yahualica were arrested. The four were sent to the agency for legal action.

Of these, the one from Nopala was released the same day as he bought an amparo; meanwhile, the remaining 3 are still in detention and it may be today that they restart the process after requesting an extension.

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