Mercadona products for washing pets at home

Productos de Mercadona para la limpieza de mascotas

Only those who have pets at home know the company and the love that animals can give. And animals are beings of light by nature, they light up every home with their presence and are even so intelligent that many of them need to come out and talk to you one day. They become a member of the family and you love and care for them completely unconditionally. And for nothing less, because they give you back all that love and triple it.

But yes, having a pet at home, like a dog or a cat, It also brings with it a number of responsibilities. because it is another creature and we must help them meet their most basic needs such as feeding, taking a walk, playing, cleaning. And speaking of bathing your pet, if you’re one of those people who love to bathe him at home, of course you spend a fortune buying specialty products for his fur, but did you know? Mercadona Do they also sell cleaning products? Yes, as we will explain below, these are products Mercadona washing pets at home.

Mercadona products for washing pets at home

We are currently in the months of the year when our economy always tends to suffer a little more. These are the months that come right after summer vacation spending and pre-Christmas spending, so what we have to do now is try to save as much as we can. reduce costs as much as possible. For example, we used to take our dog to the hairdresser to wash it once every two weeks, now we only have it done once and do the other bath at home because although it is a bit laborious, this is the right thing to do. Mercadona leaves a lot to them with these products that they sell for washing dogs at home. clean, tangle free and with a gorgeous shine. On top of that, they’re super cheap.

Mercadona products for washing pets at home
Mercadona products for washing pets at home, photo: ©Mercadona

Bathing your dog at home can seem like a somewhat stressful activity because mostly the dog can move a lot and made you all dehydrated. But don’t panic: Instead of stressing yourself out, you should use this moment as a fun game with your dog, a bonding moment between the two of you to have a great time. If you look at it from this angle, you will see that the bathroom will be much more comfortable as you will not unconsciously transfer your nerves and stress.

This is how you should wash your dog at home

We recommend that you do it to wash your dog at home. Use a special shampoo for dogs with a neutral pH.Do not use as you need a skin protective shampoo for dogs that is adapted to your skin, such as aloe vera shampoo sold by Mercadona, which has a neutral PH and helps nourish, soften and protect the skin. It is also recommended for use by veterinarians. This Mercadona dog shampoo is very easy to use, all you have to do is moisten part of the dog’s hair with warm water, apply the shampoo to the tail, legs, head, neck and back area and let it act for a few minutes so it penetrates well.

Then you should rinse your whole body with plenty of water. It is recommended to do it from top to bottom, starting from the top, so that the water washes the remnants of shampoo up to the tips of the legs. Be careful not to get shampoo or water in your eyes or ears. When the dog is already thoroughly rinsed, let him shake himself to finish draining any remaining excess water. Now it’s time for drying, which should be done very well. do not leave moisture in the jacket. You can dry it with a towel and finish the process with a dryer.

Finally, you should brush gently to finish your pet’s bath time at home. rubber brush and soft card If possible, you can also add the cologne sold in Mercadona, again a pH neutral, alcohol-free, talc-scented cologne compatible with 100% dog skin. It is recommended to spray after making sure that the fur is completely dry. We leave you with the prices of these two Mercadona products for cleaning dogs at home: dog shampoo costs 2.70 euros. and cologne water 3.40 Euros.

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