Nearly 750 lawsuits and hearings suspended in Galicia due to the strike of forensic lawyers

Nearly 750 lawsuits and hearings suspended in Galicia due to the strike of forensic lawyers


this Strike by lawyers of the Ministry of Justice called for this tuesday and wednesday, 29 and 30 NovemberAccording to provisional data, this day took a break from the celebrations. approximately 750 trials and views in the Galician community.

This is cited by sources from the National College of Lawyers for the Administration of Justice. European Press. However, Supreme Court of Xustiza de Galicia (TSXG), They announced that only the cases were suspended from the cases heard in the different Galician State Courts. two planned on The fifth division of the Vigo-based Pontevedra District Court.

On the other hand, they have planned processes inside A Coruna and Lugo State Courts. for their own part, two cases to be done in principle Pontevedra County Court, was not carried out because the parties involved in both cases they came to an agreement.

It will continue on Wednesday and December 14 and 15.

strike was called. National Association of Justice Administration Lawyers, Association of Independent Lawyers (AINLAJ), and Progressive Lawyers Association (UPSJ).

The strikes will continue this year, as announced in a joint statement by the three organizations calling for the strike. Wednesday, November 30, in addition to December 14 and 15 and lawyers affiliated to the Ministry of Justice, who want “the same criteria to be applied to them as other civil servants”, if the requests of the lawyers are not fulfilled by the Ministry of Justice. for the corps, the strike may be “indefinitely” next January.

lawyers’ requests

Highlights include: fee “hook clause” Lawyers for the Administration of Justice (LAJ) requesting to be included by amendment to the Decree-Law Organizational Efficiency Law It is currently being discussed in Congress.

Regulators also underlined the demand. reduction of population groups from 5 to 3As stated by the National College in a previous statement, “a measure that would imply its implementation same amounts as a general complement to Lawyers for Justice of existing positions such as forensic doctors”.

In parallel, in the joint statement, the College, AINLAJ and UPSJ claimed: update “immediately” the current percentage allocated to the concept productivity. they also asked make up for the days off, “in relation to substitutions that do not incur economic penalties”.

strike follow-up

Justice Administration lawyers’ strike, as reported by the Justice Administration’s National College of Lawyers In Galicia, it had a follow-up of 70.47%. In addition, the strikes led to the suspension of about 750 lawsuits and hearings in Galician society.

in all national territorystrikes followed 75% That led to the country’s Justice Administration lawyers going on strike. Suspension of “more than 10,000 attempts and views” It’s Tuesday in Spain.

Request for meeting with the Ministry

On the other hand, the Justice Administration’s National College of Lawyers assured them that they filed a claim last October. official meeting with the Minister of Justice and ever since “no one” clarified their “doubt”, this, in his view, means “absolute contempt” for the Lawyers’ Union.

“We have shown many times that was the first of our dialogue options; we never wanted to take any action that happened in damage to justice neither in the interests of the plaintiffs nor, of course, of our colleagues,” the National College pointed out.

on his behalf, he Ministry of Justice He announced his position in a statement on Tuesday. In the Government’s complied with regulatory competence remuneration, improving ticketing and registration fees, transfer competitions, the Secretariat Council’s call for elections, replenishment of substitute lawyers’ bags, and training days.

Likewise, the ministry Pilar Llop i think you have played a good role With the training plan for 2023, the approval of a specific plan for replacement compensation, the improvement of the wages of civil registry officers included in the 2023 regulatory action plan, and the amendment of the Organic Regulation. In addition, they provide: Only the revision of the productivity system and the completion of the professional career remain pending.

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