Podemos wants war, by Teodoro Leon Gross

Podemos wants war, by Teodoro Leon Gross

Hats off to Pablo Iglesias. Chapeau! to be won this war with overwhelming force. The reaction to the words of MP Carla Toscano was a brilliant operation. It’s excellent, if not entirely happy, news for PSOE as well. And of course for Vox. In short, we have a lot to celebrate each other. In the middle is Spain, which still believes in the principle of truth and moderation.; in short, the political rationality that social democrats and liberals take for granted.

Irene Montero on the verge of eviction after the fiasco just yes yes; Yolanda Díaz resisted leaving the leadership to Podemos in Sumar; While Sánchez was concerned about the weakness of the far left in terms of future geometries of power for the PSOE… this operation came. The president is a predator, but Pablo Iglesias has a lot of common sense on the political board. Within minutes, after Vox’s derogatory comment, they had the entire parliamentary broadcast, including the PP, which showed solidarity with the victim of the attack.and the La Palma media on the left claim that “all red lines” have been crossed” and that this is “political violence taken to the extreme” (They don’t even shy away from the sense of ridicule ? Not from the courtesy of telling the truth anymore, but from a sense of nonsense?) , The nets honor the phrase: do not burn.

“It’s not feminism; is partisan. And the left has very good resources to turn partisan campaigns into noble causes»

Of course, there is no provocation of the deputy. vox I was very calculated. Vox is the counterpoint of Podemos, a national-populist force that also feeds on sectarian polarization. As reductions in sex offenders’ sentences followed each other against the backdrop of the uprising and the symbolic handover of the Civil Guard to Bildu, for Vox this was a great moment to come out of the way even from the downfall. relationship olona. With this title, they would have a guaranteed resonance. Of course they were surprised at the backlash at Vox. This was by no means the worst insult ever heard in the House, not even a woman. Ayuso bought a lot more firewood, even by cartooning him as alienated. What GOINGNot to mention Rita Barberá, who is evoked by the director. A B C for campaigns on sexual pleasure or fake alcoholism. Newspaper archives did not save embarrassing moments only from Pablo Iglesias. In these cases, however, there was no solidarity, fraternity or adjectives in the editorials of the media courts’ general morality courts. This is not feminism; is partisan. And the left masters the bows very well to turn partisan campaigns into noble causes.

Operation victimize Irene It’s been a huge success for Podemos. They even demanded to go through quality control to take a picture with him. They dragged Ciudadanos, and largely PP, while insulting them: Sánchez and Irene Montero referred to PP as “right and far-right” attacks, a phrase insulting Vox. They added the idea of ​​”political violence” from Podemos, which is a great concept in this context and is more in the hands of Batasunos practitioners. and independent of the to squeeze! who set the streets on fire. Control of public speaking frames, as Lakoff warns Thinking of an Elephantimposes language. And there they once again won the hand by forcing Vox to be called “far right” or “far right” and simply called “left”.

“The division gave back oxygen to Podemos, who were suffocating in polls and cornered by sanchismo”

At Vox, of course, they are self-interested, obviously concerned with a climate of polarization. Of course, a side effect is to benefit the PSOE, Its increasingly exhausted voters seem to be mobilizing against the “extreme right” with only the tribal tomtom.. But Moncloa has mixed feelings. They celebrate Vox’s delirium, but worry that Podemos’s pulse will clear. Sánchez’s plans to go to the ballot box altar hand in hand with Yolanda Díaz are threatened. That won’t work if Yolanda surrenders to Podemos; and Podemos slammed the table.

We can want war, its natural environment. Their networks these days are full of attacks on anything that moves. Like Vox, they are resurrected by polarization. In reality, such a divisive force against the 78 Regime has never erupted in Spanish politics., businessmen, judges, bankers – those dark powers that sanchismo finally has – and even women, as a respected socialist like Elena Valenciano pointed out: “Irene Montero’s agenda has divided us and this is a disaster for women”. Of course, they often point at journalists with tavern bullying while they make their own television set, which we shouldn’t have waited to see its profile on. Basis Y last hour. Ramón Espinar predicted how they would sell this new trench on Twitter: “With your money, the money of Roures and Podemos, a TV that will tell you ‘they don’t want you to know’, of course,” Trumpist left in Spain.” Former leader of Podemos, ex he knows his boss and his behavior well, and understands that the key to all this is to save “what Pabloism is” as an alternative.

And this event, together with Vox, gave back oxygen to Podemos, which was drowned in ballot boxes, cornered by sanchismo, and discredited, albeit at the expense of straining the society by creating a perception of a country subjected to political violence. He is once again in a dangerous match, where his opponents cannot provide the advantageous order. Lakoff could suggest “Don’t think about an elephant… purple.” But they did.

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