Royal Society | Aperribay: “We will work on putting 7-8 meters of glass in the visiting area”

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Jokin Aperribay once again confronted and answered the questions and problems of the few shareholders who attended Kursaal personally at the highly anticipated question and answer point. Before starting, he addressed the issue of visiting booths that this newspaper disclosed.: Complaints from supporters of the family tribune, where all kinds of belongings fell from the bottom occupied by foreign fans: “I wanted to let you know that we have taken some measures according to the talks. We cannot say no to the capacity percentage in Europe. There have been problems with Athletic, Betis, Manchester United and Valencia. More before the first two. We find his attitude unacceptable. Measurements will be as varied as putting a seven-foot glass. We will leave a gap and a capacity reduction that we will not do against Osasuna, who has always been an exemplary supporter in our field. In summary, we hope this behavior will be removed to protect the fans below. I insist that this is unbearable and we will do everything we can to ensure that it does not happen again. If it happens again, those fans will not come to Anoeta so that our people can go there without fear. We are very sorry for those affected.”.

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“There are dangerous situations on buses”

Anonymous partner focused on transportation to return home to Gipuzkoa after matches: “Let’s see if Real will help us with the buses. We applied to the Provincial General Assembly for inhuman treatment. There are dangerous situations with people left hanging. Mostly children under the age of 14. Games at 21:00 usually have more than 40 people hanging out. It has happened three times this year.” Aperribay was sympathetic: “This is happening in many places and we will request a meeting to see if we can improve. We will talk to Diputación as soon as possible”.

Inaki Gurrutxaga. Member 6,913

Limiting tickets to visiting fans

This shareholder congratulated the board of directors. About the ticket“We hope that the Eintracht incident at Camp Nou will not happen,” commented, with 1,500 against the released Barcelona. “We will examine it,” Aperribay said. Online sales allow you to sell and people to buy. Something different happened in Barcelona because the tickets were bought by German agents. It can’t be here. Let’s see if we set a limit”.

Pablo Zubillaga. Member 15,701

“The other day a gentleman slipped on the pipes”

This shareholder echoed Peña de Tudela’s complaint: “I read that a club from Tudela said the club was not getting enough attention. The other day a man slipped on the ground with his pipes because it was too dangerous”. Aperribay confirmed that he had spoken to his president: “What happened is that no first-team player left. This is true. We can make exceptions. I would like to congratulate you for the work you have done throughout the year, for your many actions, for two short films… The acting is amazing. We could have been more flexible, but this year hasn’t been easy because we played every few days. I don’t want to make excuses. I told him about it because of his great schedule. They will come to the game against Osasuna and the sidekicks in Tudela and we will pay tribute to them. They wanted to combine the Navarrese historical realists with the realists of today, we will talk and see”. Reminding that there are recycling programs regarding the pipes eaten in the field, “When everyone leaves the field, it gets very dirty. We ask fans to use our recycling program.”

Joseba Arreseigor

“There is no equality plan in the council”

A classic on boards, always critical, which This time he was touched when he remembered his deceased cousin and the condolences conveyed from the club.: “Everything for people, but without people. There is no equality here, there is no equality plan. Nor is it acceptable to have a difference between 1 and 100 in girls’ salaries. We want to know how much is spent on women’s and Sanse’s salaries. I complain about refereeing every year. We may be the best from Monday to Friday but weekends suit us. At Old Trafford they led us the way I wanted in Anoeta. With Orbegozo, this wouldn’t have happened to us. If he had been president during the league years, we would not have won the championship,” he said. Aperribay explained that he regrets his fights over refereeing: “We only remember when he hurt us. The Mallorca representative was furious at Aritz’s possible absence. I don’t think it’s bad intentions. Last year I left the Levante game angry and they came out very angry against Villarreal. VAR assists referees, but their training took place without video arbitration. I hope we are lucky. Objective criteria are set to minimize errors.

Sebas Martija

“The cost of each team should be separated”

As always, Martija impressed women’s section: “They should separate the men’s budget from the women’s and other teams’ budgets. It is one of the few First Division clubs that has not done so. What was the budget last year, what was the budget for this course, how much was the budget for the Champions League and television deals, and what is the status of Real if the last one is paid 14,400 for arbitration? Aperribay confirmed that women’s budgets were released “in memory of the season.” We are transparent and open to shareholders. 2,390,000 Euros is allocated to the workforce and 1,600,000 Euros to the personnel. These are the data from the last campaign. The women’s league deal is a mess. The league will have revenue from CSD and television, so it will grow and have a positive impact. It was not just arbitration disputes. The fee the Federation receives is one thing, what the League accepts is another. CSD has regulated many concepts to regulate these expenses”. Regarding girls’ salaries, Debarra said, “We have to take a sustainable approach. We were the first to make the entire staff professional and we will continue our efforts.”

Inaki Onatibia

“Let Real Measure the Level of Dioxins”

this partner He reiterated his complaint at previous meetings. “Four years ago I asked him about the a reality today. There is no official data on what we burn that we are not interested in reporting. I just want the Royal to be responsible for measuring dioxin levels annually”. The president explained that they could do very little: “We will measure everything possible.”


Hockey field and mini stadium works

This fan mentioned mini stadium reformIt will be held at the end of this year or at the beginning of next year at a cost of 2.8 million. I want to know if this is true. They were not involved in the projects,” he said. Aperribay said the City Council will carry out the reform: “We promised to build the hockey field. We have no responsibility for the mini stadium, which will be reformed by the City Council with its own funds and those of the Basque Government. The same is happening with the urbanization around the stadium. “The uncertainty is that we will go from one station to two train stations and the work will take 30 months,” he said.

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