“The Ministry can only monitor compliance with legal regulations”

Mínguez, sobre las oposiciones de Enfermería: "La Conselleria solo puede vigilar que se cumpla la normativa legal"

this Health Minister Miguel Minguez, assured before this Tuesday Criticisms of nursing exemption exams which ministry “can only monitor whether the legal regulations of the search are complied with, because it does not interfere with the composition of the court or the exam questions,” he said. the SATSE nurses association expressed concern yesterday about what he saw as a “disproportionate” review In oppositions to nursing. “We all assume that the court is independent and governed by the rules, and that the ministry only monitors compliance with regulations,” he said.

“We all think that the court is independent, administered according to the rules, and that the ministry only monitors whether legal regulations are complied with,” he said.

Miguel Mínguez – Minister of Health

“We are very careful about complying with search regulations, but we cannot interfere with anything else,” Mínguez said.

this SATSE Nursing Association He described the 70-question exam offered by the Ministry of Health as “nonsense” For the Nursing Stabilization oppositions held last Sunday, where 24,537 competitors appeared for 3,817 places. SATSE said in a statement that the exam “a disproportionate amount of non-nursing terminology and technical abbreviations”It is far from the reality of nursing care based on scientific evidence and the reality of daily care practices.


24,000 competitors for 3,817 maintenance locations
Alex Dominguez

The union, on Sunday, after the exam, they lived Tense moments due to the type of questions asked at the Valencia, Alicante and Castellón campuses. They also changed their places “The anger and feeling that they sacrificed their family and private lives by working with excitement and hope. for an exam that doesn’t even give them the opportunity to show them all the knowledge they have about the nursing profession”.

“They felt like they were sacrificing their families and private lives by studying with excitement and hope for an exam that didn’t even allow them to show all their knowledge of the nursing profession.”

SATSE Nursing Association

“From SATSE andWe evaluate all the measures that should be taken after the lack of interest and respect for nurses. after three years of epidemic by the court. We regret and regret that they worked for years and carried out with devotion and were not rewarded with an exam that did not answer the exam questions. daily care practice of the nursing profession. Our impression is that it is a test that has no other purpose other than a small number of opponents passing the cut in order not to score points during the competition phase. many comrades and comrades” they point out from the union.

Meeting with Minguez

on his behalf CC OO had a meeting with the Minister of Health yesterday, they exhibit Formal complaint with complexity of opposition tests in different categories and especially in Nursing. From the union, “The Ministry shares our concern and has made a commitment to follow the procedure within the legal framework to comply with the legislation.” The CCOO will review questions that do not fit the agenda or the functions of the category and may be challenged.

Regarding Primary Care, Health informed the union on the purchase of new equipment and the steps towards the implementation of a strategic planmeetings or the formation of working groups with professionals from all departments, among other things, primary care. This alliance shares the idea that if this level of care is encouraged: The public health system has been strengthened and the pressure will be reduced from the rest of the maintenance levels. “We have proposed a monographic information sector table in order to be able to learn more about and contribute to the work done.”

Staff increase

Regarding personnel increase; CC OO Values ​​the Labor of Health to increase the structural squares warns that there are problems that need to be solved, such as Expedite coverage for vacations and absences due to temporary disability or payroll. “In this way, all positions are guaranteed to be covered and no days are worked below the minimum. We also ask you to continue to increase the workforce in all categories to place ourselves within the NHS average. The ministry has promised to work on measures and prepare vacation schedule in advance to speed up applications to the stock market. ” said.

“This way, all positions are guaranteed to be covered and no days are worked below the minimum. We also invite you to continue to increase the workforce in all categories”


On the other hand, the CCOO insisted you can’t miss the opportunity close the pay gap calls for the creation of a working group to explore the real gap in this sector in a participatory manner. “It is necessary to correct wage discrimination in traditionally male positions that traditionally hold women and whose certain complements are lower than other categories,” the union center says. The union claimed a spirit of negotiation and greater coordination developed Between different departments of the Ministry such as Public Health, HR and Health Services.

Faculty of Nursing

Turning to the opposition, the Alicante College of Nursing also criticized it. There was nothing about the questions asked. wound care, ulcer assessment, or baseline measures of a patient’s activity of daily living, among others. On the contrary, there were others who “require knowledge not specifically belonging to the nursing discipline”. college explains They will gather the necessary information to analyze what happened. “and act accordingly to defend members’ interests”. In this sense, the legal consultancy is already aware of the situation.

this Faculty of Nursing encourages you to challenge questions that you think should not be part of the exam. Also Valencia Official College of Nursing (COENV) considers the opposition ““It’s a severe punishment for a profession that has been on the front lines during the toughest times of Covid.”

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