These are the most welcoming ‘pet friendly’ bars in Alicante.

These are the most welcoming 'pet friendly' bars in Alicante.

WhatWhere will I eat with my dog?? This is a question many homeowners ask. Petsespecially now winter. Since in the spring and summer it is much easier to find a terrace where you can sit and have a drink.

Most of the buildings do not allow access Pets inside. Although, hopefully, there are more businesses every day that understand what dogs are. another family member.

Some pages or apps can help us search, such as the urban animal guide Some influencers also share their favorite cafeterias and restaurants via social networks. As in Raquel’s example, alicante_petfriendlySharing his adventures on Instagram her dog Carmen.

[Estas son las mejores playas ‘pet friendly’ de Alicante para este verano 2022]

mahalo poke: Mahalo Poké, located in the center of Alicante, Hawaiian restaurant. These are dishes filled with natural ingredients that come together in a bowl-shaped bowl. Sushi rice, Norwegian salmon, chicken and edamame are some of the main ingredients the restaurant uses. This franchise has restaurants in various regions of Spain.

the garden is stunning: The motto of this healthy food restaurant, located between the Central Market and the San Fernando fort, is ‘Healthy food with a Mediterranean, Colombian and Korean touch’. At Mareando la huerta you will find the usual dishes made with great love and the highest quality ingredients and of course the earth. There is a sign at the door stating that there is a dog area.They will definitely make you feel at home.

Crêperie The Mill of Paris: Sr Perro’s friends call him a real French creperie in the center of Alicante city. A tiny place in the center of Alicante, run by a French couple. All crepes are made in the purest French style, with ingredients from the Central Market. I’m sure your pet and you will be treated wonderfully.

Woody’s Pretty Healthy Kitchen: If you are looking for a healthy food cafe where you can go with your pet, Woody’s is for you. Located on Avenida Arenal in Jávea, this place is number one on TripAdvisor reviews. They have a variety to suit all tastes and needs, as they have vegetarian and vegan options with a surfer atmosphere. From Alicante pet friend that they treat animals very well becausejoyful Pamper yourself with water and sweets.

Palm House: This wonderful place is located in the heart of Alicante, especially on Santos Médicos street. The perfect place to go with friends or impress that special someone. They have non-card options and most of the products they use to make. their food comes straight from the Central Market. They also have vegetarian options and gluten-free recipes, so you can finish your dinner later with a cocktail that will be just as fabulous. And of course pet friendly.

OZ gastroclub: This is where the magic is cooked. If gastronomy and entertainment are what you’re looking for, this San Juan beachfront venue is the perfect option for an unforgettable night out. Food, wines, desserts, cocktails and endless vegan options, all on the OZ gastroclub menu. Take a look at their website because they have a new event every day accompanied by music or a show. Go ahead and have a great time with your petyou will definitely enjoy this experience in the purest Mediterranean style.

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