What you need to travel by plane to Spain or other countries with your pet

What you need to travel by plane to Spain or other countries with your pet

More and more people decide to have it. pet as a life partner. Companies are aware of this and probably because of this, bookstores, shops, restaurants, hotels, etc. they are changing their policies to include or facilitate the introduction of animals into places.

This term is known as “.pet friendlyand refers all kinds of venues that open their spaces to customers and their pets. So, allow pets into your business and also have some amenities prepared for your furry friends.

Without further progress Renfe pilot testing traveling with large dogs From 13 September on AVE and Long Distance trains up to 40 kilos and for three months on various trains on the Madrid-Barcelona route.

But,what about airlines? This is an important question that travelers who want to move from one city/country to another with their pets ask themselves. Can they do it with their owners in the cabin or do they have to go to the trunk of the plane with the luggage?

How to travel to Spain with your pet

Introducing your pet in Spain (only considered a dog, ferret or cat) as reported by the Spanish Government via its website must be identified by a microchip or tattoo readable (if made before 3 July 2011), be vaccinated against rabies and have a European passport for the movement of companion animals. In the passport, the sections “Owner”, “Description of the animal”, “Marking”, “Issuing the passport” and “Rabies vaccination” must be filled (see. Annex I of the Instruction).

The website states that “Serological Testing, Treatment against Ticks, Treatment against Echinococci, Other vaccines, Clinical examination, Legalization and Others sections are not mandatory for travel to Spain from other Member States”.

Also, ferrets, cats or dogs under 15 weeks old will not be able to enter Spain as they have not been vaccinated against rabies (the minimum age to vaccinate animals is 12 weeks and at least 21 days from vaccination for the vaccine to be valid).

How to travel from Spain to another country

On the contrary, if you wish to travel with your pet from Spain to another country, the Government states that the same requirements must be met; must be identified by a legible microchip or tattoo, be vaccinated against rabies, and hold a European passport.. Moreover, If your destination is Ireland, Malta, Norway or Finland, you should treat your dog for E. multilocularis. 24 to 120 hours before arriving in the country.

How to travel to other countries that are not members of the European Union

If your destination does not fall within the previous sections and is a third country, You must learn the conditions they want from the website of the Embassy, ​​Consulate or the Ministry responsible for the country.. It is important to get the necessary information weeks before the trip starts, because if the necessary conditions are not met, the pet will not be able to travel.

To return to Spain after visiting one of the non-European Union countries, do this as stated on the Government’s website, Entry Points (December 3, 2021) declare to the Civil Guard Financial Receipt that you are traveling with a pet, presenting the number of designated passengers and their documents.

For more information, you can access. this link.

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