2022 Census progresses with foreign observers and without legal hurdles

2022 Census progresses with foreign observers and without legal hurdles

On the morning of November 28, 2022, five international observers accompanied the census officers in Quito. Three said the use of tablets to gather information would facilitate data processing.

Five observers International They arrived in Quito to accompany them. census officers It is in the process of collecting information for the 2022 population and housing census, which started on November 7 and will end on December 18.

On November 28, 2022, the experts were in court. La Vicentina sector, in the center-north of the city, from 10:30. The three of them wear blue uniforms, yellow caps and tablets.

David SachesThe northern region coordinator of the National Institute of Statistics and Censuses (INEC) announced that the observations will only be made in Quito, and not in other provinces, until 30 November. security issue

He added that this process is important for share experiences Experts of different census periods in other countries came from Chile, Peru, Argentina and Colombia.

Until 12:00, the observers were closely interested in the work of the census taker Taco. 70 questions at the foot of a house.

One of them, Paul CeballosNational director of the national statistical system of the National Institute of Statistics and Census(INDEC) Argentina, stressed use of technology To collect data via tablets and mobile app:

“Very helpful and makes the census taker’s job easier.”

Ceballos also online censusThis modality, which took place from October 1-31, was also implemented in their home country in May of this year.

Observer, information collected in the 2022 census “basis” for the population, how do i know how many people live It’s until you find out how many kids there are now. access to education.

Silvia Jaramillo, representative of the Chilean National Institute of Statistics, assured that faster data processing will be achieved with the technology.

Judge dismisses protection case

Nine members of UNES bank (Unity for hope) presented protection action and a request for injunction against the online census in October 2022.

Allegedly, identification was included in the population and housing census through the identification number. violated the rights your citizen. They claimed that there is no full guarantee that the data will be protected. computer attacks.

But on Friday, November 25, the protection case was dismissed by Judge Rocío Jacqueline Ayala. “There is no justification for disclosing this information to the public,” she said.

They stated from INEC The court reaffirmed that INEC has the authority to request personal information in the 2022 census. identification number“.

Nancy Hidalgo, census director Peru and one of the observers commented in the census conducted in his country in 2017: ID number added (National identity document).

There was a report from the corporate committee warning of rejection. But it is not.

According to Hidalgo, people have taken DNI out of focus and instead public discussion with the related question ethnic self-identification.

During the tour, Hidalgo a observation Regarding the subject of the certificate. “At the beginning the informant (registered) wanted to give him the number, but the registrar said: no, no, don’t worry.”

“The area needs some reinforcements educationhe said to PRIMICIAS. Coordinator Sánchez, to give the identification number optional.

On the other hand, the observer commented that the Peruvian government approved the budget. 2025 census, Two years ahead of what would have been legally equivalent due to the need left by the pandemic: migrations and deaths.

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