2022 World Cup Qatar: The most luxurious VIP areas in Qatar: private chefs, violinists, unlimited alcohol and up to $34,000 to watch the final in the best seat

2022 World Cup Qatar: The most luxurious VIP areas in Qatar: private chefs, violinists, unlimited alcohol and up to $34,000 to watch the final in the best seat


All stadiums have a priority arrival line to ‘Hospitality’ where there are also distinctions based on the amount paid.

A group of men are enjoying Al Bayt's VIP box yesterday.
On the day of the Spain-Germany match, a group of men enjoy the VIP box in Al Bayt.APD

Getting to the stadiums in a World Cup is never easy. Security measures always lead to a police cordon at least one kilometer from the stadium. In the case of Qatar, this ring of security is bigger. It is not possible to approach less than 3 kilometers by private vehicle. of a stadium. The general public prefers the subway, or if they prefer the car, they know they have to park far away. For example, there are 4 in Lusail.0 minute walk from the public parking lot to the stadium. The media have a special permission to approach, but they are the only ones. Well, they just don’t exist. There are even more privileged ones. There was red writing on the highways. Media and TV Next to it is another one, again red: VIP. And this is even better. Why? Oh data.

There, where it says VIP, there are cars carrying a sticker: Hospitality. That is, if the person has not yet bought a more luxurious package and comes with brand new, very modern and tinted glass vans. They are brought to the door of the stadium and, in a black and gold color that can be distinguished from far away, arrive in the luxury paradise of the stadiums’ VIP areas at this World Cup in Qatar. In fact, all the major golf courses in the world already have many and very flashy areas of this style, but of course, in one of the richest countries in the worldAt the most important moment of its recent history, the word luxury takes on another dimension.

Wine and beer list in one of the stadiums.
Wine and beer list in one of the stadiums.TWITTER CARLOS M.

Insiders describe him with constant gestures of disbelief. Inside these huge VIP areas, there are many areas from the least luxurious to the most luxurious. Prices also vary depending on whether it’s just a game or a multipack. But… what prices! D.From a more discreet first pack costing $950 for a match in the first stage (Match club), Up to 34,000 Euros which must be withdrawn from the current account to see the final in the highest level package (Pearl Club).includes: a butler for the group, the best view of the pitch, the ability to interact with FIFA guests (including the best ex-players on the planet) Xavi, Puyol or Villahang out at parties here in Spain, Roberto Carlos, Café, Kak and Ronaldo With Brazil…), a private chef preparing à la carte meals at that time and pasta or meat or fish, more waiters than guests, and alcohol of course, it doesn’t matter. Champagne (of the most expensive), liqueurs, cocktails, beer and winealthough the beer and wine here is rude.

Some teapots
Gold-plated teapots in other VIP areasPA

A group violinists They built huge, spacious rooms with glass, porcelain and gold as the leading roles. Stewardesses with gold motifs in garnet and white tunic, could it be gold too?, smiling left and right caviaron TV, you can see replays of previously played or currently played matches, as those who purchase these packs have access up to four hours before the stadium starts.

According to someone who has already visited two stadiums where Spain plays, Al Byte VIP area, the location of last Sunday’s match against Germany is impressive, well above similar fields at planetary events like the Augusta Masters or Formula 1. The most striking VIP area in Spain is the area of ​​the Masters 1,000 in Madrid, located in the Magic Box. and judging by the testimonies of people who knew both, they have nothing to do with it. Win Doha. And by a landslide

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