63 women and girls freed from abuse since 2010 in Euskadi

Mujeres víctimas de la trata


Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation

Iker Gonzalez | eitb media

During this time, 72 people were arrested or investigated for sexual abuse. There are approximately 1,100 women engaged in prostitution in 120 locations in Euskadi. Most of the female victims released came from Colombia, Nicaragua and Nigeria.

Euskaraz irakurri: Sexu esplotazioaren biktima ziren 63 emakume eta neskato askatu dituzte 2010etik Euskadin

this human trafficking for sexual exploitation He claims that every year there are victims at Euskadi. Thus, since 2010 Ertzaintza, Released 65 people, 63 of them women and 2 men; and have 72 people arrested or investigated sexually abusing them.

These are the data published at the opening of the conference. “New Challenges Against Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation” It was organized by Ertzaintza for “collective and multi-disciplinary reflection on this crime phenomenon of the first magnitude that violates the fundamental rights of people, especially women and girls”.

According to approximate data from the Security Department, some in Euskadi 1100 women are engaged in prostitutionin about 120 different places and there is fertile ground for human trafficking.

At the conferences organized by Ertzaintza, human trafficking was handled with a tripartite approach: police, forensic and social and international experiences were acquired. Among them was Kelly, a survivor of trafficking for sexual exploitation in the Basque Country. Interviewing Izaskun Gómez Leis, an agent specializing in sexist violence and human trafficking, Kelly talked about her personal experience after being enslaved and sexually abused.

Kelly came from Brazil, tricked by his uncles. According to what he told in the seminars, someone living in Portugalete told him that he could come. Euskadi to work, He said he could live in his apartment in the town of Bizkaia and wouldn’t have to pay anything. But when he arrived, he saw that the situation was completely different, his aunt told him that he could make a living by prostitution here, and when Kelly refused, they began demanding all the money they said he owed, the rent for the apartment. Brazil, the flights, the home of Portugal, the food… it was unaffordable for Kelly.

From there, Displacements to avoid detectionKelly was taken to Santander, Extremadura, back to Santander… Accounts of his sexual exploitation were kept by his aunt, he never saw any money and every time he told them he wanted to go back to Brazil, they asked for all the money for rent, food, electricity, road … Ertzaintza’s investigation resulted in the release of Kelly, who wrote her first book about her suffering.

The UN estimates that more than 70,000 women from all over the world come to Europe each year as victims of trafficking networks that are considered the new slavery of the 21st century. In Euskadi’s case, the victims include women and girls of different nationalities, but most of those released in recent investigations come from Colombia, Nicaragua and Nigeria.

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