86% of doctors will have a permanent contract within two years

86% of doctors will have a permanent contract within two years

Madrid today is facing its tenth day strike on primary care The positions of the Madrid government and the unions are increasingly diverging. In the middle of this gap, today the president of Madrid, Isabel Diaz Ayusoappeared at the Royal Post Office to announce a series of measures that he guarantees will mean a “true transformation” in the public health system.

With their educational consultant Enrique ossorioand Enrique Ruiz of Health gentlemanAyuso went to the third detail quantity the main ones: the disappearance of temporary toilets, a new technological system for primary care and a loyalty program for MIR residents.

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The first measure focuses on: final health contracts. all toilets The final will be temporary. As the president detailed, by 2022 “a total of 10,000 professionals” will be permanent and will be “86%” from now to the next two years. Ayuso assumes this is a “historic advance” in working conditions.

The second measure is determined at: primary care. As the chairman stated, “a new technological system will be developed that aims to “make the most of the vacant gaps in family medicine programs and therefore have more time to care for the patient and reward the agile and accurate redundancy we demand from our doctors. Also, in the fees for positions that are difficult to fill.” improvements will be made.

The third measure is based on toilets. TO LOOK. A special loyalty program will be administered in family medicine, pediatrics and primary care, which will offer a three-year contract to residents who finish in May.

These are three key measures, but not the only ones, primary health care will also be made more accessible, virtual assistants will be included to help establish appointment and shift systems, improvements will be made to the functionality of the virtual health card, and a new delegation will be made. A virtual health card will be created for transactions that are required by persons under the age of 16 and their dependents.

To these technological measures is added a new program system, which, according to Minister Escudero, will “encourage meeting the excessive demand for care and give the patient more time.” “Adequate compensation will be given to professionals who are most in demand on appointments, that is, exceeding what is scheduled on their agenda,” says the consultant.

Measures for the elderly

In addition, the Community of Madrid will offer: people over 65 years old 200 special places in different residences from 23 December to 7 January. They tell the community that their goal is for these people not to be alone and to be able to spend their Christmas holidays together.

Incentives to doctors with more patients

On the other hand, the regional administration announced that it will increase sales. incentives For these professionals with more patients. The general rule, as stated by the government, is 28 patients in Primary Care, 20 in nursing and 20 in pediatrics.

They will do the same Reshape 250+ centers health. “Three quarters of these works will be completed by the end of this year, and this should open more than 30 new centers in the coming years,” the officials said.

In this context, Health Minister Enrique Ruiz Escudero stated that this new plan “collects requests for improvement requested by doctors and will then be taken to the Health Industry Board for approval”.

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