A fuss for Kubo replacement in Japan

Real Sociedad: clamor en Japón por la suplencia de Kubo

they chirp in japan for his coach’s management against Costa Rica. There were many voices accusing Hajime Moriyasu of being too conservative, which caused the team to squander an optimal situation after beating Germany in one of the greatest successes in its history. while completely unexpectedly falling before ticos. It is fair to accept, as he himself admits. get kubo Although the Germans made a great sacrifice at halftime when they won 1-0, changing their systems at halftime was the key to their first day’s success. The fact is that Japan started well and even scored, but the goal was denied due to a clear offside from Maeda. Kubo slowly emerged and his best act was a steal from Real Madrid’s Rudiger on an occasional adventure on the other flank of the attack, but he eventually failed to hit center with his right foot. Germany bounced back and started creating a lot of problems with their mid-range combinations, which allowed them to take the lead thanks to a penalty kicked by Gundogan. The Japanese coach didn’t like what he saw and halfway through the first act he started moving the tree to change his plan. During the break, the fives went on the defensive with long lanes and chose to seat Kubo, who was not the worst, To give an introduction to Tomiyasu.

If anyone on the bench thinks they’re going to be disappointed and angry, it means they don’t know him. After celebrating the win, it was enough to see how he lived the game and celebrated goals before leaving a statement describing himself as a person and as a teammate: “We saw that we didn’t work well under pressure. They took me and pulled Tommy out. We went to the defense 5, which was our other plan, but 1 We had to do this earlier than expected because we lost -0. Y god damn mother”.

What’s bad for him Moriyasu must have been disappointed with his performance. so, despite Costa Rica presenting an extremely conservative encounter in game two, and possibly the most resourceful and unstable in their one-on-one match. It didn’t take long for the discomfort of important football personalities to become noticeable. like legendary honda honda during the broadcast of the meeting He insisted on Txuri-urdin’s entry.

The truth is, they imagined in the Japanese media that the Kawasai man would go on to purge his team for the bad first part, but No one would have thought that in a duel where you have to open the box, it would be unprecedented., although Honda itself has indicated that it does not clash too much with the conservative style of the selector. But what it saves is this doubt: domeor what I didn’t have your trustÖzcan, who made a statement on the club’s website before starting the match against Qatar, said, “I am a player playing for Real now and I don’t think anything else. The coach takes good care of me and my teammates. If it weren’t for Real, I lost half of my World Cup ticket. Now I’m lucky to be called 26 and thank the Real family. I’m not thinking of anything else”. The explanation for the average lost ticket according to the media is due to the fact that: Despite Moriyasu being a big star at the Olympic Games and the real person responsible for the Japanese finishing in fourth place on the brink of the long-awaited medals, he’s not entirely convinced.

the point is If Kubo doesn’t make it to 11 against SpainHe has so many friends and needs to collect points for his team, whatever it means to face the country he has lived in for all these years, They will rain many clubs on their coach, which will be pointed directly in the hypothetical situation that they will drop on the first substitution.

As with the 1982 World Cup, where López Ufarte went so far as to declare that “Real guys were eliminated twice”. If Japan packs their stuff, the rendezvous in Qatar will take place without Real’s representatives. Curious that best moment in historyIf we don’t count the golden age of championships, the realists who finished third in the standings silently passed the most attractive football match to be seen once again. Their loss.

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