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It was held at the Headquarters on 19 and 20 November. sly (Vilassar de Dalt, Barcelona) Sneak Grooming Slam 2022Internationally recognized as one of the most prestigious dog grooming championships in the industry.


Artero’s headquarters are in Vilassar de Dalt (Barcelona). Author: Intercompany.

With more than 170 contestants from around the world participating and a total of 230 submissions, top dog stylists gathered at Artero headquarters last November to showcase their best talents with the best edits and test them before a squad is formed. 8 jury members, world-renowned experts.

Alex Artero, CEO of the group and presenter and director of the competition, said, “We are doing this championship with the illusion that we did for the first time,” and gave way to the countdown to the start of the competition. Participation was absolutely full. There were people left out in all groups. And this is also important, expressing that it is a way to move our industry forward, thanking the effort from all over the world () and emphasizing the entire Ukrainian team.

Alex Artero: Participation was absolutely complete

We come with 10 contestants. For us, not coming (and not racing) is not an option. Its chairman, Lyudmila Melnychenko, said that it is a must-see place. Ukraine Care Associationin an interview on the site with the permission of the organization.


The jury consisted of representatives from the Czech Republic, Italy, United Kingdom, France, Belgium and Spain. Pictured here is Rubn Gonzlez, declared Best in Show, with the jury and organization members as he receives his award. Author: Sneaky Pet Care.

The jury, consisting of prominent names from different European countries, evaluated the works of the contestants divided into categories in four sessions. President and President of the Court Umberto Lehmann European Care Association (EGA), the rules by which the competition is governed, and the Workshop and Referee in this championship, highlighted its importance which is incredible in Europe.

My advice to beginner hairdressers is to stay true and true to yourself; “Don’t lose yourself in success and keep your feet on the ground,” said Philip Langdon, responsible for valuation of Asian Fusion, Beginners, Virtual Dog and Poodle packages; and the continental court professor, the poodle seminar given at the same location and during the event. In assessing the competitors, he said the most important thing was the balance in the dog’s build, leaving the finishes aside as the icing on the cake.

When we compare the competitions of the past with the competitions of today, the expert said that if you don’t have the dog you need, you’re better off not coming at all. Before we have to do more. “There was nothing that could have been done before and it was done with the dog you have,” he said. Also, there was no formation today; It is learned through books and experience.


More than 170 competitors from five continents participated in the Artero Grooming Slam 2022. Author: Intercompany.

The Undress and Scissor categories were valued, among others, by Rony de Munter, a legend in the world of terriers and wirehaired dogs, and Rony de Munter, an expert in the formerly minority but record-breaking Hand Stripping method. This is print. : Hand Stripping has become more affordable thanks to the release of materials and tools. “The easier it is, the more people want to participate,” he said, in his debut at the Artero Grooming Slam.

Rony de Munter: The quality of the work is very good, very high

Scissors, Beginners, Virtual Dog and Poodle jury Romana Kania; Valrie Coton of Workshop, Asian Fusion and Poodle; Leititia Renoud, Striptease, Asian Fusion, Intermediate and Spaniels; Stripping, Scissors and Intermediate Corinna Verschuren; and Simona Chelli of Workshop, Asian Fusion and Spaniels, along with other members of the jury, the aforementioned Lehmann, De Munter and Langdon, the latter also giving a Fusion Court seminar on poodles. Canine stylists Patricia Campos and Sonia then taught ‘Stripping’ in West Highland and ‘Stripping’ for the Schnauzer Mini, respectively, to facilitate both the knowledge and learning of canine morphology, and the use of the most specialized techniques in each. area. race.

Artero Pet Care, international group

Spain is not the only country where Artero has facilities. And present in over 50 countries, the group also has a branch in the UK and Florida in the United States (Jupiter) since 2014 8 years ago. Until then (2013) I had the dog role. “When I left, Alex (Artero) had to take charge of the entire company in Europe and I was more committed to the US problem,” said Edu Artero, CO-CEO and president of Artero Americas, during the event.

The Florida team is just as important here. Without it we are nothing. Lulu Rodríguez, President of Artero USA, who hopes to grow the company and bring the entire product line, explained that this is what makes us who we are, together with our customers who are loyal to us and provide us with information to improve. in addition to the human line. “There is still a long way to go,” she said.

The group that received the award a short time ago, Barkleigh’s Prize When will the Artero Grooming Slam, named Brand of the Year in the USA, be held in the USA? With a prudent one would never know, maybe soon.


The Artero Grooming Slam jury awarded a total of 15 awards, with three awards per category, not counting Best in Show and Best All Around Groomer.

Gold Award winner and dog stylist Niki Jorissen for Beginners at Petochos (Beginners to Strip without Clipper) described the experience as very rewarding. So much so that the support and love that exists among all the participants fills your soul, ”she said.

Recognizing years of dedication, education and development for her, this award helps open doors and promotes you not just as a hairdresser, but as an integral professional concerned with the welfare of animals and their proper working.

I dedicate the award to Richi López for allowing me to participate with Oddie and guiding me along race lines; to Enrique de la Morena for the foundations, training and support in my beginnings in the world of championships; to my husband, José Manuel, who has always pushed me out of my comfort zone; and my mother, who has always encouraged me to pursue my dreams and goals since I was little. I thank you all, even more than myself, for believing in me.”

With 18 years of experience, Sabrina Silvestroni managed to get the Silver medal in Asian Fusion. For the professional, colorist and owner of Le Petit Estilismo Canino, it was already a dream to think that he would be surrounded by such top hairdressers that I follow and admire on the net. We are constantly learning in our constantly growing, changing and developing profession. No one can stop creating. He expressed that this was the real challenge, but first thanked his family and friends for their support.

Virtual Dog (Gold), Workshop (Bronze), and Poodle Toy-Mini-Psychic Open Class (Bronze) were the three categories in which Karolina Pielichowska took the podium in recognition of her hard work, time and resource investment. to continually evolve and evolve daily, she said.

Starting her career with Llusa Royo, who conveyed her passion for the profession and her love for the poodle breed, the dog groomer assured that participation in championships provides more visibility and speeds up the learning process, as well as being the way to go. learning about new trends, watching the work of colleagues from all over the world.


Ricardo Martínez, Jontari, at a time during the competition. Author: Intercompany.

Poodle and Bichon Maltese breeder Ricardo Martínez, under the name Jontari Kennel, shared the podium with Pielichowska and José Tucupita occupying third and second place respectively, to win Gold in the Workshop. Thanks to such efforts, I had the opportunity to represent the Spanish team in the Poodles category, where we came fifth in the Belgian hairdressing world championship.” My next challenge, he thought, was getting together with Artero’s team for the next days of 2023.

Debuting in this category, José Tucupita said it’s a luxury for Spain to have such an important event that serves as a window for dog sitters to show the world our work. I made a cut from the vintage movement called Bolero and created more up-to-date lines, which resulted in the jury classifying me among 23 works.


José Tucupita dedicated the award to his Venezuelan compatriots to see an example of how it is possible to go beyond borders with perseverance, work and dedication. Author: Intercompany.

Elisabet Rovirosa received Silver medals in Handstripping Open Class and Spaniels & Setters Open Class. The teacher and the member of the group said that now my challenge is to get the Gold. Artero International Academy. My schnauzer training with Luis Martín del Río helped me a lot in getting here. I would also like to thank the Neko team, Carlos Romera and Adrian Ferndez for their support and trust in me, and dedicate the award to the entire AIA team.

A pro with 18 years of experience behind him, Elliot Hernández rose to first place with the highest recognition in the Hand Peeling Champion Class category and earned a Silver medal in the Pure Breeds Champion Class. It also won the Best Environmental Care award. The hairdresser, who runs a Pets By Design salon in Mexico and is the student of Ramón Ricardo (poodle) and Gabriel Rangel (terrier), won this collection of awards in his first European competition and an Artero Grooming competition. For me, this experience represents an almost achieved goal of being the best hairdresser in the circuit, but returning for Best in Show, she said.

Azareth Cant, who placed second in the Handstripping Open Class and Pure Breed Open Class, determined the awards that motivated the others, after Hernndez in the first and Rubn Gonzlez, in charge of the Hollywood Dogs show (Mexico) in the second. professionals and new talent as an appreciation of effort and commitment.


Lighting, music and other special effects were considered by many participants as different elements compared to other championships. Author: Intercompany.

Behind Cant in the Pure Breed Open Class was Israel Spain, who took the Gold medal in the Spaniels & Setters Champion Class. The hairdresser, who came here from beauty exhibitions, is currently Turkey’s representative and International Groomer. hydra. It’s always a pleasure to be rewarded in a championship, this time Superior, because it was my first time in the Scissors class. He said that receiving the bronze medal was an unforgettable experience and dedicated it to my mother, especially the Hydra team and Emilia Díaz, for always supporting me in my dreams, and Sonia Luengo for being a part of my life.

Jasmina Pagone from Jas Best for Pets salon (Italy) has made a Silver with the same value as Gold by her Spaniels second-place coach Massimiliano Carluccio!

Carmine Taddeo, who won the Best in Show of the 2021 edition, became the champion this time in the Poodle Standard Champion category. The hairdresser from Mondo Animali New (Italy) describes it as one of the competitions that makes you feel more energetic than ever, due to its experience, excellent organization () and the skill level of the competitors. Taddeo, who has perfect goals, aims to enter the Italian team as a referee one day. I dedicate the award to my two mentors, Oscar Ripamonti and Ferruccio Soave, without them I would probably never have been able to achieve all this. Also to my father, Salvatore, who supported me in all my decisions.

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