Column Society Human rights in companies – Counter-Response

Column Society Human rights in companies - Counter-Response

The reputation of a company or business group can be severely affected by actions that violate the rights of its employees, or benefit significantly when they guarantee or even promote such rights.

An important point is that business groups that have achieved considerable wealth must form a human rights professional team to create an optimal working environment within the organization.

Today, businessmen from around the world have their policies to respect individual guarantees permeating companies as they directly affect the production, quality, distribution and sale of their products or services.

Employers strengthen the trust of consumers, collaborators, shareholders or partners by hiring good advisers on respect for human rights, just as in legal, administrative, marketing or sales matters, and turn that trust into an investment, not an expense.

Otherwise, it will cause the working environment to collapse sooner or later. Complaints about labor, criminal or administrative matters result in unnecessary expenditure or at least underinvestment; It will not be an investment that can focus on preventing, mitigating or mitigating risk.

That’s what happens to companies like Valores Mexicanos Casa de Bolsa (Valmex), at least inside its website, even though it maintains a catalog of goodwill combined into an “Ethics Manual and conduct”, the opposite happens inside.

In fact, this company, part of Grupo BAL, is investing millions of pesos to deal with former employees’ complaints to the Federal Board of Conciliation and Arbitration for degrading treatment and degrading treatment and violations of human and labor rights. Management positions.

Although Valmex assumes optimum portfolio management, advice and brokerage alongside mutual funds; His business is on the verge of bankruptcy because it is clear that there is inhumane treatment, labor and sexual harassment, and a wide catalog of human rights abuses inside.

As if that weren’t enough, Industrias Peñoles, Palacio de Hierro, Grupo Nacional Provincial, ITAM, Petrobal and many other companies headed by Alejandro Baillères Gual, son of the now deceased Alberto Baillères Gonzales, will be crushed by these serious abuses. As can be seen in the two complaints to the labor authority committed by the company brother -Valmex-.

zero point

Grupo Financiero Banorte has announced the launch of “Maya”, the artificial intelligence assistant that will be behind its mobile banking. He confirmed that he is the only assistant of his kind that can handle 17 financial transactions. She can also answer 300 questions about products and services via chat and will continue to add functionality to its service with smart learning. The launch is in line with the bank’s vision of banking in the digital world. The announcement joins the list of artificial intelligence and technology applications Banorte has developed in recent years.

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