How to properly tame an unknown dog – Pets

How to properly tame an unknown dog - Pets


especially dogs with beautiful soft fur they encourage many people to touch them. german veterinarian Barbara Schoning suggests that it’s better to avoid petting an unfamiliar dog.

“A stranger shouldn’t just come and touch him,” says behavioral scientist and co-author of a book on dogs.

Observe instead of caress

in case of unknown dogYou don’t know if you like being petted or not. The dog may feel threatened.

“You don’t know if the dog is interpreting the contact as a threat, so it’s likely to be frightened and react aggressively,” Schöning warns. As such, he points out that it’s best to just observe the strange dogs.

Even if a dog approaches a stranger in the park, it does not mean that he wants to be liked. Dogs are just curious. That’s why you should avoid touching it.

“I would let a foreign dog sniff me and then just keep walking,” she says. The veterinarian emphasizes that even if he knows how to deal with dogs, it is better not to pet them or at least to ask permission from the owner beforehand.

What should I do if someone strokes my dog ​​and I don’t want it?

“If there are people who disagree with the explanation that the dog doesn’t like being petted, then I would say my dog ​​has fleas or bites,” says Rene Luczyk, owner of the kennel school. The town of Olfen in western Germany.

interpret signals correctly

When visiting a home with dogs, contact with animals usually lasts longer and the bond becomes more familiar. Then you can try to tame the dog, but taking into account some signs.

According to Schöning, if the dog wants to be touched, it gives the impression of relief and leans towards the person. Your body should be relaxed at the moment of caress.

On the other hand, if the dog is nervous, it should not be petted. This is seen when the dog turns its head slightly before stretching its body.

“If dogs walk away, that means they want to get out of this situation,” Luczyk explains. Another sign of rejection is when the dog shifts its weight to the other side.

Also, it is not a good sign for the dog to close its eyes, put its ears back, or remain completely still.

“Many dogs freeze up when something bothers them,” explains Justina Lempe, founder of a kennel school in Berlin and also the author of a book on dogs.

Lempe advises people to wait for dogs to approach them.

When visiting friends with dogs, it is better to sit at the table and wait to see how the pet will react. The dog can then crawl under the table and slowly approach the person.

Special care should be taken as dog signals are not easy to recognize for people and children with no dog experience. This also applies to puppies that like to bite hands. “Young dogs love to play,” says Lempe.

He’s just stroking the weird dogs from behind

If it’s clear the dog wants to be petted, Luczyk recommends crouching and not leaning over the animal as it could be perceived as a threat. He adds that it’s okay for him to smell your hand first.

Lempe believes this is unnecessary because dogs smell good even from two meters away.

Meanwhile, experts agree. Don’t look a strange dog in the eye. It is also better not to caress the face, head or stomach of the animal.

hugs too taboo. “I don’t just go around a stranger’s neck,” Luczyk says. He adds that you should not like dogs while eating. This can cause the animal to start swallowing or even biting the food as it wants to defend its food.

Consider your own dog’s preferences

When it comes to your own pet, you should not pet a foreign dog. everything is allowed. “The owner usually knows where and how his dog likes to be petted,” says Schöning.

Lempe details how many dogs lie on their backs because they want to be petted. Also, when they lay their heads on the owner or seek physical contact, hugs are desired.

Meanwhile, Luczyk finds side-stroking the dog inappropriate. “It’s a terrible habit. No dog likes it and in the worst case it can cause internal injuries,” warns the specialist.

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