How to set up a small but useful gym at home in Mallorca l Medio Brácana

How to set up a small but useful gym at home in Mallorca l Medio Brácana

It is okay to exercise. In fact, gyms are proof of that. More people would go to have more of them on hand or to have the necessary time to devote to them. It’s not just an hour or two of practice, it’s to go, park, come back… And we can’t all devote a lot of time to that. Solution? Build a home gym. Yes, ask Santa or the Three Wise Men. Because you’ll thank him for how healthy, comfortable, and inexpensive it is. And because you will be home. Naturally, you should not get on everyone’s ball, but with enough means to achieve the goal: get in shape and gain muscle. To guide you, we used their advice. Xisco Bonnín, Spanish champion of the Natural Bodybuilding Master categoryand Absolute, the third in the Light Weight dimension (titles achieved after one year of practicing this type of Bodybuilding based on perseverance and effort). Moreover, became a football player (Young players from Mallorca, the Balearic team and Ferran Martorell, a subsidiary of RCD Español) did not stop playing sports, however, until an injury interrupted his career. Furthermore, after four years at the University, she graduated from INEF which allowed her to teach physical education classes in Secondary School. At the same time, he is a personal trainer to whom he is fully devoted today. In a word, as a born athlete, he is highly qualified to advise us on how to set up our gym.


Additionally, we will visit you at home here he also teaches in a gym set up in a room, of course yours has a lot more elements than you need, you’ll burn with half at the most. Let’s see then. First of all, you need treadmills called TRX, which are sold in sports stores. They are attached to the window or door of the room.They take up very little space and you can train any part of your body with them. It’s also good to have tires that you can buy from sports shops or online. There are different densities of tires that will force you to exert more or less effort and help you work many muscle groups in your body. They hardly take up space. If it’s not necessary, it almost is. What we mean is that you need a mat to do floor exercises with little or no wear.


With a few elements, you set up a gym to get in shape at home.

this emptyLike a half-inflated ball, it will help you with balance, push-ups, shoulder, squat and cardiovascular exercises. You will also need a pair of dumbbells on which you will put weights according to the strength you achieve, but never overpower yourself.
This wheel You can do sit-ups with this, but we’ll leave that for later because if you’re a beginner, it can hurt your back. Well, all this, with willpower and perseverance, you will not be like Connan the Barbarian but will improve your physical appearance and above all your physical condition. Ah! Walking is also recommended.It benefits metabolism as you burn calories and improves health while creating a new lifestyle. You can naturally go at your own pace, create your own table by browsing online tables, but the best thing to do is put yourself in the hands of a personal trainerIn several lessons he teaches you how to deal with each of these elements, sets guidelines (repetitions, weights of dumbbells, but above all how to do this so that your effort is always positive), and gives you some guidelines for eating.

christmas dinner

the brake It is a town of 385 inhabitants in Granada. Many immigrated to Majorca in the 1960s, so about two hundred people will live on the island today, most of them in Palma. As every year, around sixty people gathered around the tablecloths to celebrate Christmas on these dates. The restaurant of Casa de Andalucía de Mallorca. Because in this case it wasn’t about having lunch – and it was – it was meeting again, because most people only see each other from year to year. Get back together and talk to each other about the people they still carry in their hearts despite the distance. They organized the event Adolfo Toro Y antonio calvo, by the way, it was a success. Well, many more years!

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