How to take care of the garden and pets in extreme heat? –

How to take care of the garden and pets in extreme heat?  –

Botanist Carolina Descarpontriez advises on how to care for plants in the garden to withstand these days’ high temperatures and busts the strange myth about watering plants. When it comes to pets, you need to lower their body temperature.

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The 40 °C temperature of these last days in Santa Cruz is exceeding the resistance of some creatures of the animal kingdom, both plants and animals can be harmed by this climate if the necessary precautions are not taken, but the botanist Carolina Descarpontriez has some problems. Suggestions for treating a garden well in hot times and even saving scorched plants.

Descarpontriez highlights two key keys to keeping our garden in good condition: soil containing organic matter and water.

“Considering that the garden is exposed to direct sun, we must have a soil with sufficient organic matterand if the plants appear to rot or wilt (dry brown leaves), this He says they lack water. When the plant wilts, it never says no to the amount of water it puts on it,” explains Descarpontriez.

It details this organic matter decomposes plant remains causes water retention and soil compaction. This is a guarantee that the plant and its roots will continue to grow more easily. «If our garden is dying from high heat, let’s increase organic matter and watera. It is better if nutrients such as vermicompost are natural (it is the best natural fertilizer ever known).

It also points to All of the liquids resulting from the decomposition of organic matter contain a large number of positive bacteria for the soil and activate growth.. They can be found in the market.

And water is essential. “Remember that during the rainy season the plants now grow beautifully without the influence of high temperatures,” he emphasizes.

save the plants

by Carolina Descarpontriez Advice for plants that are not watered adequately and are starting to wilt:​

«If we want to heal, rehabilitate plants, there are also these techniques: apply hydrogel. Hydrogel is a gel comes in powder form (they occupy in the diapers of babies), which should also be moistened. hoh, you have to dig a well, put in the hydrogel and wait for the roots to consume the water little by little. That way the moisture will be retained in the soil longer and the sun won’t dry out the plants as quickly.”

legend debunked

The botanist advises, “If it’s a garden in the shade, the maintenance is the same, it just requires less water,” debunking the myth that you shouldn’t water the plants when there’s strong sun. The important thing is to know where to apply that water.

Explain that the sun at noon takes all the moisture out of the plant and you just need to add water to the soil. «Yes We add it to the leaves, the water evaporates and there is a small boiling point at the time of evaporation, and that point causes the leaf to burn. For this reason, they should not be watered when the sun is strong.

If the plant wants water, you only need to give it through the roots. It is also good to apply in the afternoon.

Other tips

Two elements that anyone can use to beautify a garden, eggs and banana peels:

«The eggshells are a good idea, you have to mash them well and it’s better to insert them into the soil and not just on the surface, this organic matter gives a lot of calcium over the years. Banana peels should be cut into pieces and boiled in a liter of water with a tablespoon of honey for 15 minutes. Store this fertilizer in a bottle and pour it on the ground,” she advises.


From 34 °C the animals begin to show signs of exhaustion such as panting, difficulty breathing and increased body temperature.

Veterinarian Ximena Ballivia says the first thing to do for dogs or cats They lower their body temperature, for this they must be constantly wetted with water. Natural on the head and body.

Tips for all pets, especially furry ones:

  1. Avoid going out during peak hours.
  2. That they always have clean water and be in the shade.
  3. Do not leave the pads (footprints) on cement surfaces for a long time as they may burn.
  4. Dogs with long and thick coats such as the chow chow, husky and malamute are not recommended to have their hair cut short because, as it may seem contradictory, their hair protects them from the sun.

Ballivián explains that when it comes to cats, they should be in cool places and above all they should always have clean water, it is better to have it in special containers for them.

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