Irene in makeup fever

Javier López

Quite shaky with her latest law, Irene Montero is on her way to becoming a postmodern reincarnation of Passionflower, thanks to Vox’s distaste for her, meanwhile, the discontent and incompetence that surfaced in Lawmakers last week. congress. Thus the siege of popular sovereignty turns into a media circus that burns like grass easily ignited in the multiple bonfires of populism and the arrogance of politics that turns into a podium for crazy egos beyond anything but national interests. Regardless of decency and common sense, Spanish infantrymen contemplate the weekly spectacle of a spoiled boy who works piecemeal for very low wages and is brought up to the machito of the good life.
I won’t be the one criticizing Irene Montero for being a supermarket cashier. On the contrary, it seems to me a useful experience for other needs that arise in life, but in his case it was nothing more than a brief transition that took place in the real world of work and, increasingly, outside of it. Bonfires of populism and arrogance burning in the Congress of Deputies. Not particularly uneducated as her most incompetent enemies claim, Irene Montero also gives soup to Carla Toscano, who is perhaps less educated, arrogant, arrogant, and of course seems to want to replace Macarena in Olona in Congress but the sneaky old Vox and without his shameless cunning, he is now in search of a story and a communion.
Irene Montero’s political universe, interests, focus and viewpoint boils down to the sentence she said while defending the bill in Congress last week: “To be at the service of the women of our State through a Finnish, progressive and multinational majority. There is nothing more, neither beyond, nor here, the rest does not come into his view, therefore, and perhaps because he is still very young, he sins with an unbridled sectarianism and a very narrow view of events and the feminine. the world that even pushes it into conflict with its own coalition partners. Irene Montero’s political structure is like that of a mission court, but there are those who are determined to turn her into a hero of the great causes of the left. And Pablo Iglesias smacks his lips not because he pulls the strings from behind, as those who deny the minister any capacity for autonomous initiative think, but because it’s the big claim of Irene Montero’s now-destroyed main factory, and it’s also been questioned a second time. a Yolanda Díaz who has firmly embarked on the path of autonomy. Irene Montero, the final purple trick, is the alternate candidate and also Pablo Iglesias’ current bet to undo yolandismo.
Montero is from that rotten school that supports that anyone who loves Spain deeply is a reactionary facha and that anyone who supports the development of the humble must at least have a more or less visible communist matrix. Of course, authentic feminism is hers and there isn’t much to talk about, the rest is reactionary impositions even though Carmen Calvo advocates. But the other day, someone named Carla Toscano stepped onto the scene, as mean as she was unintelligent, and finally showed us a lovable, friendly and passionate Irene Montero as a worthy flag-bearer for great purposes, thanks to her reckless attack. a tireless fighter for justice, of course a victim of fascism. And that’s what they sold us at the Room last week. The next day, no one was talking about the shortcomings of Irene Montero’s law, the release of rapists, the agenda was filled with the alarming concept of political violence unleashed by the far-right in Congress, a superior portion of the syrup he prescribed Pablo Iglesias had served a few years ago, this time right-handed. Of course, shortly after the sedition crime amendment was approved and budgets were given the green light, the strange feminist, progressive and multinational coalition that kept Irene Montero in perpetual joy until opinion polls said otherwise, and a good portion of our State’s citizens, left and right, It gives them great uncertainty.

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