Legal design thinking, technological leap in legal firms

Legal design thinking, technological leap in legal firms

30 November 2022 08:20

30 November 2022 08:20

In the era of technological revolution, digitization is a step forward. The digital world also makes itself felt in traditional fields such as law. law firms they are permeable today bringing together innovative trends. One of these technological leaps, with legal design thinkingelevating solution to the problems of the legal sector with digital transformation.

Isabel Romero Viecco, Colombian lawyerHe established himself as a recognized voice in this field of law. “It’s not a magical process, it’s not an overnight process, it’s not a one-shot process. it’s a process much longer and deeper encompasses technology, but also involves process and people,” he argues.

Digital legal management tool – legal design thinking – a methodology that proposes generating innovative ideas Leveraging efficiency to understand and solving specific and real needs Applied in countless legal situations and adopted by highly digitized societies to create legal systems, services and processes.

Legal design thinking combines the strategies of a designer with the duties of lawyers in the digital age. It is a friendly and innovative way to interact with the customer. Organized by the Franz Tamayo University in Unifranz, II. The proposal put forward by Romero Viecco within the framework of the Computer Law and Commercial Law Congress surprised.

Isabel Romero Viecco attended the computer law and business law congress as a speaker.

The Congress brought together experts from more than eight nationalities and shared new experiences in the legal field with students, professionals and those interested in training new legal tools.

Digital transformation is functionally integrated. optimize processes, increase competitiveness and add value to services. Its application has to do with the willingness to adopt a new mindset and new ways of doing things, consolidating change and culture in offices.

Romero Viecco also highlighted the obstacles to progress in the digital leap. There is such a misconception that technology is expensive and therefore, It is a luxury reserved for large companies, Little or no knowledge of the tools that help improve legal mandates, and fear of change, limit innovation that can positively change business in law firms.

Results are not instant. Romero Viecco says the benefits of the initial investment will be felt later in the future as costs come down. “Making technology and social networks work for you (…) Lawyers should get to work. seeing new judicial technologies as allies, to abandon all these repetitive tasks of commerce,” emphasizes the lawyer.

He warns of the need for self-diagnosis in the office before any technological implementation, which must answer three fundamental questions: “What should I stop doing? What more should I do? and What should I start doing?”

The answers to these questions will allow lawyers to create the mission and vision of their work, bypassing repetitive tasks. Experts value the time savings achieved by applying legal design thinking and increase the effectiveness of legal work together.

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