Louis Vuitton heir Antoine Arnault suffers for his Russian political family: the rich also cry


Antoine Armaulteldest son and heir of the richest man in France, bernard arnaultThe Russian model and actress, who is estimated to have a fortune of more than $ 167 million, is having trouble with her husband. Natalya VodianovaSince his family is in Russia, he is of Ukrainian origin and his solidarity projects are country-based. putin They are definitely stopped. Arnault works with his four brothers in a luxury multinational company. LVMH (Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy) was the first of the French firms to close its business in Russia when the war broke out.

In an interview with Magazine, Antoine expressed his and his wife’s concerns about how the war will affect them: “Of course my wife is suffering. Her mother and sister are still in Russia and she has family in Ukraine.” Hello.

The attractive heiress explains that the supermodel and actress’s situation was complicated by the Russian occupation and therefore did not attract attention when speaking in public.

The eldest of the Arnaults also proudly talks about the humanitarian work of his wife, known in the world of top models as Supernova. Beslan school massacre in 2005She decided to found the Naked Heart Foundation, which she headed and helped children with disabilities in Russia (Natalia had a younger sister with cerebral palsy).

actress Wrath of the Titans The state of the charity in Russia and her husband are very worried about her: “This is difficult for her because this is her life project. I see her upset and wondering how this could happen and when it will stop.”

Natalia’s sadness stems from the difficulties in providing assistance to Russian children in need, her husband explains: “It is difficult at the moment to keep up with their commitments to them while they probably need it more than ever. Resources are running low and running out. And I find it resilient to seek solutions. Russia’ It’s not easy these days to fund a foundation that operates in Turkey, because no one wants to be up close or remotely involved in what’s going on there. That’s understandable.”

Rich heiress and supermodel from a poor background

Antoine Arnault’s wife is Russia’s most famous supermodel, who rose from a childhood of poverty to a life of wealth and luxury on the runways after moving to Paris at the age of 17. Vodiánova worked with many super-luxury companies, among them, of course, her father-in-law, brother-in-law and husband; LVMH.

Natalia has three children from a previous marriage to an English aristocrat. Justin Portman She started dating her fourth child, Arnault, after her divorce in 2011. maximeight years old and fifth, Rome, six years old. Antoine talks about how his relationship with his children is similar to that of his billionaire father, Bernard, who always cared about him and his work.

“I remember my father coming home from the office to do homework with me at six o’clock in the evening,” says the businessman. I limit it to simple activities”.

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