Movember to make mustaches visible and raise awareness

Movember to make mustaches visible and raise awareness

During the month, in the middle of your walks, if you look up and find an unusually large number of bushy and shiny mustaches, there is no need to worry: you have neither traveled through time nor returned masculine symbols from the past. last century. The explanation is simpler. Since 2007 in Spain, November is not just the eleventh month of the calendar; which month men leave their mustaches to join the ‘Movember’ movement – contraction of Anglo-Saxon words whiskers Y November–, An annual event aimed at making the population visible and raising awareness of key men’s health issuessuch as prostate cancer, testicular cancer, depression or suicide.

But this movement not only makes it visible, but also through the Movember Foundation, in which more than twenty countries participate, raise funds to collaborate with institutions dedicated to struggle and research about these health problems that affect men. One of the keys to the success of the movement is local actionspromoted by individuals or small groups that grow and disseminate the initiative. In Dalí style, musketeers, Hungarians, revolutionaries, sixties, imperial, British or free, In La Palma, La Barbería Haircuts & Wines summed up all types of mustaches this month. They donated fifteen percent to the foundation for each arrangement.

“From a certain age, men should definitely go to the urologist, and we should not let it pass. You see more mustaches on the street, they serve as a reminder. Movember also focuses on men’s mental health: It seems that men find it more difficult to open up, talk about our problems, or seek help from an expert because of this idea of ​​masculinity. “Everything translates to a higher male suicide rate,” says barbershop owner Moisés Rozalén, who has been involved in the movement since it opened its doors in 2014.

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Barber confirms that he has gone through about thirty mustache razors this month, “There’s still a bit of a lack of awareness. It is the youth who dare to change their image the most. There are even those who look good and leave it all year. Today is the last day of the month and there were still people going to the barber this morning to grow a mustache or brush. “People are going to go crazy when they see me,” boxing trainer Félix Soria exclaimed as he looked in the mirror and saw his thirteen-year-old beard transform into a Tom Selleck mustache. “This is a very interesting move, I have no other reason to pluck my beard. Félix, who donated 150 euros with the barber and another student, offered it to me and I couldn’t say no,” says Félix. confirms that prying eyes are common, especially among little ones who smile awkwardly at mouthpieces and nose brushes.“At this point I don’t care what they say anymore. It is more important to raise awareness among men: you have to be careful and take care of yourself», says artist Pablo Camaño, who also stopped by the barber this morning.

How was the movement born? Almost two decades ago, in 2003, a pair of Melbourne friends, Travis Garone and Luke Slaterry, were having a beer chatting about the fashions of the past. They joked about making the mustache trendy. Inspired by the mother of a friend who was raising funds for breast cancer, they did the same, but focused on prostate cancer, which is the most common tumor in men and the second leading cause of cancer-related death in men after breast cancer. . Spain and the United Kingdom were the first countries to join, and more than twenty countries have followed in their footsteps. As time went on, Movember expanded to make health issues visible. Thanks to the initiative, the Movember Foundation for all these yearsIt managed to raise 654 million euros and financed more than a thousand research programmes. pertaining to prostate cancer, testicular cancer, mental health or physical inactivity.

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