Municipalities filed legal suits against several oil empires due to climate change

Municipalities filed legal suits against several oil empires due to climate change

More than five years later Hurricane Maria The 16 municipalities that have devastated Puerto Rico have banded together to sue some of the world’s most powerful oil companies, alleging that their business practices and climate change misrepresentations have caused countless damage from the most powerful hurricane to swept the country in modern history. as in the constant manifestations of the phenomenon.

In separate talks, the mayor baymon, Ramon Luis Rivera Cruzand equivalent loicena, Julia NazarioHe noted that the presentation of the legal resource was inspired by the legal process that led several pharmaceutical companies to settle deals worth $26,000 million to US states and territories – including Puerto Rico. It’s called an opioid crisis.

“What our lawyers are telling me is that big corporations with a good opportunity and power to continue to raise our voices on climate damage around the world are doing nothing to help.”said Nazario, referring to the lawsuit filed in Federal Court for the Puerto Rico district, which is seeking to be sanctioned as a class action lawsuit.

In the case of Loíza, Nazario said that “large portion” of the population is directly affected by the impact of climate change on a daily basis, mainly due to coastal erosion affecting industries such as Parcelas Suárez, Las Carreras, Pueblo del Niño, Villa. Colobó , Logs and Plots Vieques.

Rivera Cruz mentioned that Bayamón could use any economic advantage he gained from the lawsuit to support energy initiatives, such as the recently announced plan to generate some of the electricity he consumes in the town.

“We understood that it was important to participate, not only because of what the municipality would get economically, which could be injected into the projects we have for renewable energy and solar panels, but also because it sends a message that big corporations have ownership. Ethics and morality are an obligation with humanity and they should be careful while doing their jobs”Rivera Cruz stated that one of the demonstrations was held in the municipality, climate change There have been landslides “like never before” due to the incessant rains in the past months.

The senior New Progressive mayor stressed that, as with the opioid issue, such cases often result in financial compensation to the plaintiffs, even if they do not fully redress the alleged damage and the defendants avoid accepting responsibility.

“Beyond having to pay, I think it sends the message that they need to be more careful in the future,” he stressed.

The lawsuit, filed November 22 by the law firm Milberg Coleman Bryson Phillips Grossman LLC, spans over 247 pages and includes 14 grounds of action against a number of companies that, according to the appeal, were responsible for 40% of their greenhouse gas emissions. 1965 and 2017: Exxon Mobile, Shell, Chevron, BP, ConocoPhillips, Motiva, Occidental, BHP, Arch Resources, Rio Tinto and Peabody.

In turn, the source highlights an analysis by German Watch that concluded Puerto Rico was the jurisdiction most affected by the climate as a result of the hurricane, along with the estimated 4,645 extra deaths attributed to Hurricane María by Harvard University. change.

16 municipalities listed as claimants Bayamón, Caguas, Loíza, Lares, Barranquitas, Comerío, Cayey, Las Marías, Trujillo Alto, Vega Baja, Añasco, Cidra, Aguadilla, Aibonito, Morovis and Moca.

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