Navarra has earmarked 100,000 euros for Baby and Primary School canteens in 38 towns with less than 1,500 inhabitants

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this Government of Navarra in its session this Wednesday, it adopted an agreement that authorizes the Ministry of Education to transfer funds to 38 municipalities with a population of less than 1,500. authorized Baby and Primary School canteens To 524 students using this service but not using school transportation.

The purpose of this measure, as reported by the Provincial Administration, is “to promote affirmative action that contributes to supporting the persistence of the population in rural areas”.

Provinces that can benefit from this support; Abarzuza / Abartzuza: CPEIP/HLHIP Zumadia, 1 restaurant, 190.83 Euros; Hello there: CPEIP/HLHIP La Cruz, 24 restaurants, 4,579.92 Euros; Amateur / Maya: CPEIP/HLHIP Amateur, 10 dinners 1,908.30 Euros; Ancin / Antzin: CPEIP/HLHIP Lokiz, 10 dinners, 1,908.30 euros; Arantza: CPEIP/HLHIP Arantza, 40 dinner. 7,633,20 €; arbizu: CPEIP/HLHIP Arbizu, 24 restaurants, 4,579.92 Euros; arizkun: CPEIP/HLHIP Arizkun, 17 dinner 3,244.11 Euros; arronise: CPEIP/HLHIP La Balsa, 18 restaurants, 3,434.94 Euros; Aurizberri / Espinal: CPEIP/HLHIP Auzperi, 1,908.30 Euros; Azpilkueta: CPEIPHLHIP Azpilkueta, 13 restaurants, 2,480,79 Euros.

In addition, the centers barasoain: CPEIP/HLHIP Martín Azpilcueta, 7 dinners, 1,335.81 euros; betelu: CPEIP/HLHIP Araxes, 10 dinners, 1,908.30 Euros; cabanillas: CPEIP San Juan de Jerusalén, 18 dinner, 3,434.94 Euros; erratzu: CPEIP/HLHIP Erratzu, 18 restaurants. €3,434.94; error: CPEIP/HLHIP San Esteban, 12 restaurants, 2,289.96 Euros; influences: CPEIP/HLHIP Landagain, 13 dinners, €2,480.79; fontellae: CPEIP/HLHIP Virgen del Rosario, 6 dinners, 1,144.98 euros; garinoain: CPEIP/HLHIP Martín Azpilcueta, 13 dinners, €2,480.79; garralda: CPEIP/HLHIP Ntra.Sra.De Orreaga and IESO/DBHI Garralda, 17 restaurants, 3,244.11 Euros; gartzain: CPEIP/HLHIP Gartzain, 3 restaurants. €572.49; Y goizueta: CPEIP/HLHIP Andrés Narbarte Xalto, 14 dinners, 2,671.62 Euros.

municipal buildings irritation: CPEIP/HLHIP Irurita, 24 restaurants, 4,579.92 Euros; ituren: CPEIP/HLHIP Pulunpa, 18 restaurants, 3,434.94 Euros; jauntsaras: CPEIP/HLHIP Oianzabal, 4 dinners, €763.32; lacuntza: CPEIP/HLHIP Lakuntza, 17 restaurants, 3,244.11 Euros; larraintzar: CPEIP/HLHIP Larraintzar and DBHI/IESO Larraintzar, 2 restaurants, 381.66 Euros; legasa: CPEIP/HLHIP Legasa, 16 restaurants, 3,053.28 Euros; belts: CPEIP Santa Maria, 38 restaurants, 7,251.58 euros; Lumbier: CPEIP San Juan, 23 dinners, 4,389.09 euros; Y Luzaide / Valcarlos: CPEIP/HLHIP Luzaide, 3 dinners, 572.49 Euros.

The rest of the locations begging: CPEIP/HLHIP Julián Mª Espinal Olcoz, 28 restaurants, 5,343.24 euros; Ochagavia / Otsagabia: CPEIP/HLHIP Ochagavía and IESO/DBHI Ochagavía, 3 dinners, EUR 572.49; Oronoz-Mugaire: CPEIP/HLHIP Oronoz, 6 dinners, 1,144.98 euros; oteiza: CPEIP/HLHIP San Salvador, 12 restaurants, 2,289.96 Euros; Roncal / Erronkari: CPEIP/HLHIP Julián Gayarre and IESO/DBHI Roncal, 2 dinners, 381.66 euros; Uharte Arakil: CPEIP/HLHIP San Miguel, 8 dinners, 1,526.64 Euros; Zübiri: CPEIP/HLHIP Gloria Larrainzar Eugi, 18 dinner, 3,434.94 euros; Y zugarramurdi: CPEIP/HLHIP Urdax-Zugarramurdi4 dinners, 763.32 euros.

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