New free walking area for pets in Cabo de las Huertas, Alicante

New free walking area for pets in Cabo de las Huertas, Alicante

ALICANTE. mayor of Alicante luis barcalaand Councilor for Parks and Gardens, Manuel Villarvisited the new free walking park for pets, activated by the City Council, in Cabo de las Huertas, between Palangre and Redes streets. The new installation was adapted by Ingeniería y Gestión del Riego y Paisaje SL with an investment of 43,493.45 Euros.

Barcala commented, “With the opening of this new facility for free movement of pets, we have reached number 16 distributed all over the city.” “Some facilities that have been updated to provide the best service to users since the new Parks and Gardens maintenance contract went into effect at the beginning of 2021 – the mayor continued.” He explained that during this period, fences were revised, alberos were changed, irrigation and garden arrangements were renewed, urban furniture was installed, and signs showing the rules of use, especially benches and fountains, were placed.

Barcala also announced that the City Council is in the process of developing a unique project for pets at the Sergio Melgares park in PAU5. To the agility track and a large park with games for families with children and pets.

There are 15 areas for free recreation of pets in the city, they are located in Avda. Announcer Vicente Hipólito, Calle Anguila, Calle Cronista Vicente Martínez, Calle Cuarzo, Calle Dr.José Belmonte, Calle Dr.Rafael Ruiz de la Cuesta, Calle Manuel Perpiñán, Calle Muro, Calle Metalúrgicas, Parque Cronista Enrique Cutillas Bernal, Parque de Las Aguas, Parque Sergio Melgares and Plaza de la Paz.

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Villar, on the other hand, said, “The new pet area established between Palangre and Redes streets was in a very bad condition until the work started due to the lack of infrastructure in the area. The request to build a closed area for

“Work included installing a fence that provides two double access gates on part of the plot, erecting a vegetable fence around the perimeter, and installing benches and a pet fountain to facilitate accommodation, as well as posters with rules of use,” Villar said.

Likewise, a path has been created that runs lengthwise across the plot and connects the pet area to the main entrances. A recreational area with benches has also been set up, and shrubs have been planted to beautify the environment. Finally, a central irrigation network has been installed, allowing for remote control for better water management.

The work consists of clearing and clearing the area, adapting new rooms and flower beds, removing street furniture in the area, concrete pavement in pedestrian areas, constructing new flower beds via pavement curbs, installing new flower beds. adapting the irrigation network to the new layout of the park, installing new afforestation, fencing the area for pet walks and installing new urban furniture such as signage, benches and fountains.

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