Sánchez’s partners and allies accuse Marlaska of lying about Melilla, and the ERC calls for the minister’s resignation

Sánchez's partners and allies accuse Marlaska of lying about Melilla, and the ERC calls for the minister's resignation

Minister of Interior, Fernando Grande-MarlaskaWhile attending Congress for the events that took place at the Melilla fence in June, he announced that his department would provide legal protection to the Civil Guard should any of its members decide to take charge. Legal action against Esteban González Pons, PP’s corporate assistant secretary. This member of the people’s leadership said yesterday: “It is very serious that injuries and deaths are hidden on national territory, that the dying is not given help and care in our country, that Moroccan gendarmes are allowed to enter Spain and carry them. The wounded and the dead.”

The response of the Popular Group Internal Affairs spokesperson, Ana Vazquez, breathing: “You are cowardly and miserable”; “You take shelter and hide in a civil guard to subdue the attacks of Bildu and Esquerra. Leave the Civil Guard alone ». It also gave credibility to journalistic investigations compared to that of the Armed Institute. He also demanded Marlaska’s resignation”. Meritxell BatetHe scolded Vázquez for “insulting” the Minister of the Interior.

Continuing her own version of events, Marlaska defended and insisted on the actions of the Armed Institute: There was not a single death on Spanish soil. and ensured that injured migrants were cared for whenever possible.

He also took full responsibility for the actions of the Civil Guard, which he described as exemplary, stating that “no country can allow a violent attack on its borders”. It also branded the latest known information, including from a media group close to the Government, as “implication and speculation”.

Vox endorsed the government’s version

While politics created the strange bedfellows who were Vox’s sidekicks, he supported the actions of the Civil Guard without crack and therefore approved the statements of Grande Marlaska, Javier Ortega-Smith. The MP from the Santiago Abascal group described a “violent attack” on the border between Morocco and Melilla, which he stressed was “perfectly coordinated”. He also agreed with the Government that there were no deaths on Spanish soil and “what would have happened if there had been?” He always drew attention to the “desperation” of the Civil Guard agents, whose “courage” he praised. In his speech addressing the Minister, he once again drew attention to the numerical imbalance between the immigrants and the agents guarding our country’s southern border, saying, “It was a miracle that there were no deaths.”

However, Ortega, like the PP, began to demand Marlaska’s resignation, adding that “because you left”, not “because of the lies that separatist and putschist groups have spilled against you”. Agents who, according to the Vox leader, are in a state of clear vulnerability to the fence’s more than two thousand attackers.

ERC deputy also asked to resign Maria Carvalhoaccusing the minister of being the same as “PP or far right” . The parliamentarians of the Catalan independence supporters began their speech by saying, “You are still a minister because the dead are black and poor.” United We Can’s assistant enrique santiagoDespite accepting information pointing to deaths on Spanish soil, he refrained from asking for resignation because of his status as a coalition partner of the PSOE (until a few months ago, Santiago was part of the Executive as Minister of State for Social Rights), the government rejects.

The Minister of Interior arrived at today’s meeting, no longer cornered by the People’s Party, Vox or Ciudadanos, who supported the actions of the Civil Guard at the Melilla fence, despite asking for his resignation because of the lies they attributed to Marlaska. , but above all United We Can, Pedro Sánchez’s government partners and their parliamentary allies, especially Bildu and the ERC. It is also relevant by the media, which is closest to the executive and also accuses him. miss the truth and that there were immigrants who died in the avalanche, and that Benemérita did nothing to help the wounded, Internal Affairs categorically denies.

The question now is whether Pedro Sánchez will continue to support the minister, both publicly and privately, as he has done these months, or whether he will succumb to pressure from his political and media allies and take advantage of the government crisis. He will speak later in March as there are two ministerial nominees – probably ahead of that date – to put the Marlaska scene at the helm of the Interior.

This crisis of the Melilla fence is, in any case, the deepest crisis Marlaska has had to deal with, because one of its problems is affecting the humanitarian management of illegal immigration, led by the President and the Government. has made the flag since day one. He was also against the PP’s policy on this issue.

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