The secret to ‘Wednesday’s success lies precisely in its bad character.

The secret to 'Wednesday's success lies precisely in its bad character.


A great black comedy is only as good as its villain (or villain), and that’s exactly why the series is Wednesday became a success. At least, one of the biggest reasons the production has become an audience phenomenon. Netflix. The revelation of the architect of all dilemmas in the town of Jericho and the Nevermore school came as a surprise. But especially a tribute to the character Wednesday and the actress who played him in the movie version.

Christina Ricci became the center of the conspiracy when the story finally shows that your character is the brains of the game To show. It was a surprising turn, showing the actress’s capacity to deliver memorable performances. She also congratulated the movie version of the movie. Wednesday, He is played by Ricci in the duology directed by Barry Sonnenfeld. Throughout the plot, a dark and ruthless presence haunts Nevermore and the surrounding town. So much so, enough to propel the reputable anti-hero on a careful search for clues and eventually solve the case.

While all of the above was happening, teacher Marilyn Thornhill always seemed ready to lend a helping hand. Especially when Wednesday is out of place or in doubt. But in his final episode, Ricci puts a sinister twist on the seemingly harmless character. It turns out that Thornhill is Laurel Gates, a descendant of the evil Joseph Crackstone. In his final moments, Ricci managed to prove – once again – that he was. one of the most curious and talented actresses of her generation. Also for frying the series Wednesday one of the most famous script changes.

Wednesdaycelebrates a long history

This is already a fact: the series Wednesday Netflix’s most-watched of the year above stranger things. It’s not only a relevant success, but something that could be considered a revival of the insane Addams franchise. Producer Tim Burton failed to simply pay homage to the characters with his first series. Also a new scenario give remembered wednesday a new place in popular culture.

with the famous scream What Starring Jenna OrtegaThe production showed a new face of Addams’ eldest daughter. But it also celebrated the broad legacy of characters in film and television. The series, which features Wednesday as a student at the Nevermore School for Unexplained Creatures, is a Burton-like doodle. On the other hand, it is a journey through the best of the dreary family’s well-known history. On this occasion, with Catherine Zeta Jones as Morticia and Gomez replacing Homer, the creation of Charles Addams took on a contemporary twist.

Wednesday Christina Ricci

However, the participation of Christina Ricci attracted the attention of the audience the most. It’s something that series creators Alfred Gough and Miles Millar place special emphasis on. After all, the actress has been the face of Wednesday for a generation and is still the source of a rich pop culture mythology. What could be better than fulfilling your destiny as a villain on Wednesday? streaming?

“Thornhill was always the big bad guy. He was the brain behind the whole operation. In fact, when we chose Christina, we thought there would be a flashing red light on her. Oh my god, we were worried people would guess that,” said Gough. Variation. “But I think what really helped was that we had great actors in all the big roles. you have gwendoline [Christie] and you have Riki [Lindhome]. Christina (Ricci) was part of something as big as herself.”

A surprise behind the scenes

Surprisingly, Ricci was not the first choice for the role. During initial production, Thora Birch was supposed to play a character named Tamara Novak, a version of Thornhill. But in the end, Birch left the production to deal with family matters. What allowed the creator duo to provide? a great opportunity for the series to celebrate the legacy of its characters.

Wednesday Addams and her parents Morticia and Gomez

Of course, the adventures Wednesday They didn’t finish. Alfred Gough and Miles Millar say they plan for several years if the show is renewed. A meaty journey where the ruthless Nevermore student will showcase their best research skills.

“We always looked into the future when we sat down to create a show, so it’s ideal to watch a few seasons. “This is never expected, but that is the expectation that the series will be successful.” Variation. “So you always design at least three or four seasons of possible stories for the characters. They can evolve and change. Often, You want to see who stands out from the cast and who you enjoy writing for.. So you want to keep it organic enough to evolve. But we have a pretty clear idea of ​​what we want to do in the future.”

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