Tips to keep your cat from ruining the Christmas tree this holiday season | Life

Tips to keep your cat from ruining the Christmas tree this holiday season |  Life

Christmas is coming and one of the most critical moments for those of us who have cats at home: hanging the Christmas tree. That’s why we want to leave you some tips to prevent your tree from looking like a real disaster this holiday season.

this Christmas Curious, confident and extroverted cats who love everyone’s favorite time, especially the holidays and Christmas presents as much as we do.

However, you might hear a strange noise sometime this Christmas. effectively, your cat climbed halfway up the tree and dropped everything in slow motion, just like in a movie scene. There are Christmas tree lights and decorations everywhere, and your cat probably ran into a corner with something in her mouth.

For many owners PetsIt’s a well-known fact that cats and Christmas trees don’t get along very well (depending on how you look at them). your natural curiosity makes it difficult for them to resist ornaments and decorations such as toys.

However, many items used to decorate trees are dangerous for cats, and no one wants the tree to fall under any circumstances. Let’s see why cats getting excited when we bring home a tree Christmas and why they can’t wait to “destroy” it when we’re done decorating.

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Consider buying an artificial tree

it’s not so much to protect cats like limit damage. We all know that a real tree sheds pine needles all over the place, and it would be a disaster if your cat was constantly playing with the branches.

Not only that, but to keep your cat safe, an artificial tree is less likely to be poisonous. A real tree will also produce any scent in your home that you know your cat will want to explore.

With artificial Christmas trees, you often also have the option of purchasing a smaller tree to minimize damage. Therefore, avoid buying a large tree in the purest Casa Blanca style.

Naturally move your cat away from the tree

Of course, sometimes the best way to keep a cat away from the Christmas tree is to make the tree smell bad from the cat’s point of view. Some examples of cat repellent include:

  • Apple cider vinegar. It is a substance with an odor that cats do not like. It also naturally repels insects, so one to two.
  • Orange peel used near the base of the tree works well. You can also use a homemade spray with some orange juice.
  • repellent spray for cats, having only a perceptible odor to them. These sprays are usually available in pet stores.

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Put the tree and ornaments high

When you decorate the tree, anything that is high and too attractive to be reached. Also consider keeping ornamental items hanging not from the ends of the lower branches, but towards the center of the tree.

The same goes for the tree itself. Make sure it’s not on the floor, as it will be very accessible to your cat with a simple jump. Use a structure that increases the overall height of your tree.

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Hang ornaments securely

this ornamental items added to the tree They must be well connected. If it’s unlikely to fall, your cat may lose interest. Fixing the decorations also means your cat can’t run off with them and eat the decorations or keep them in secret places we can’t find them.

Here we also want to include the stability of the tree. Whether you have a real tree or an artificial tree, adding weight to the base and making sure it’s stable can prevent tipping if a cat jumps on it. If that doesn’t work particularly well, you might want to consider top-to-wall fixing, for example.


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Choose unbreakable and safe ornaments

Christmas decorations are attractive to both kittens and adult cats, so they are recommended. that you use unbreakable, non-shiny, plastic or soft ornaments for the tree.

Of course, the typical serpentine or springs are extremely attractive. cats, so it would be very discouraging if we didn’t include them directly in our tree. Do not put in real candles or snow globe decorations as they are full of water and cat toxic substances.

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Do not forget to turn off the electrical wires

Electrical cords are an attractive chew toy but also very real danger. Cover any exposed wires with plastic tubing and turn off the electric lights when your cat is home alone.

Try to create a new playground for your cat

if it’s time to put Christmas treeI can assure you that the news for them is pure magic. Because of this reason, It is recommended that you create a new playground for your cat a little further from the tree.. You can even surprise her with an early Christmas gift that grabs her attention and introduces her into that new space.

In the end, the idea is that he’s more curious about that new space than the tree and forgets it’s Christmas at home.

With all this on the table, keep your curious cat out of danger. Christmas tree It will guarantee the protection of your tree and nearby objects, but above all the safety and well-being of your beloved cat during these holidays.

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