What is the best dog breed for kids?

What is the best dog breed for kids?

Dogs are not just great playmates for the little ones in the home. They also facilitate the development and learning of certain emotional and social skills. And this Having pets at home is very beneficial for children.. But does the breed of the dog matter? The latest research we’ve compiled below sheds light on this issue. In addition, Basic guidelines for knowing if we are ready to adopt a pet.

What are the best dog breeds for a home with children?

If there are children at home raceThe character, size or age of the animal seem to be important determining factors when choosing a dog. Again, It is wrong to think that there are good and bad races.. Any dog ​​that is properly socialized and positively trained can become a best friend for games, adventures, joys and sorrows.

According to a recent study published in the journal Science, breed has little effect on a dog’s personality: determines only 9% of the behavior of animals. “When it comes to animal behavior, it’s like luck in a lottery,” explains Elinor Karlsson, a computational biologist at the University of Massachusetts (USA) who was responsible for the research (more than 18,000 dogs were analyzed). .

The behavior of dogs mainly depends on: socializationbetween Education and environment provided by us humans. Adults are responsible for establishing a good relationship and a healthy bond between the child and the animal. As the Affinity Foundation points out, “only train the dogbut at the same time educating and accompanying the child in the process”.

What do children think of their dogs and cats?

Besides dogs, living with other pets such as cats is an enriching experience for the little ones at home. The Affinity Foundation conducted a unique study in Spain among children aged 9 to 13 to find the link between pets and children. main result Not only is there a natural attraction between people and pets, but children find comfort in their company..

Most children admit that they enjoy or want to enjoy the company of a dog or cat. 6 out of 10 people out of 94% currently living with an animal approve of it feel better when your pet is around. “We confirmed companion animal helps child manage moments of anxiety and stress, as we observed in adults. For example, children in the study told us that when they had a bad day or woke up from a nightmare, the first thing they looked for comfort besides their parents was a pet,” explains Jaume. Director Fatjo, Chair Affinity Foundation Animals and Health from the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

How to add an animal to the family?

Before we welcome a pet into our home, we should think calmly. An animal, more or less, completely changes the routines and customs of the home.

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to confirm that we are ready for adoptionThe Affinity Foundation recommends following these guidelines:

  • Reflect. Why do we want an animal in the family?
  • Agree on the decision. Adoption is everyone’s commitment. Children need to know what role to play in their own care.
  • Take the time to search. Not all animals are suitable for a home. You should be advised by a veterinarian or someone in charge of the adoption center.
  • find ideal wife. It will be the one that best suits our habits, routines and spaces.
  • Commit to caring. They are not accessories that we can take out of our lives whenever we want.
  • Evaluate available resources. Care can be very different depending on the animal. Some will have to visit the vet more, some will require more physical exercise time, and others will need a lot of space. You know how much does it cost to keep a dog?
  • Recounting of liabilities. As a caregiver, you need to ensure your pet’s physical and emotional health.
  • Be realistic about expectations. There will no doubt be precious moments, but others will be made more challenging. We must be prepared to understand the nature of the animal.

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