Women in a Legal World elect 19 new equality ambassadors | Legal

Women in a Legal World elect 19 new equality ambassadors |  Legal

For the second consecutive year, the board of Women in a Legal World (WLW), a non-profit organization founded five years ago to promote female talent in the legal industry, held a demonstration attended by nineteen new WLW equality ambassadors. . The choice of these men, who are representatives of legal, business and political life, was based on their support and contribution to the realization of equality between men and women in the field of law. Its activities and commitment help achieve the SDG 5 (equality) sustainable development goal, together with SDG 17 on the establishment of alliances established by the United Nations.

The evening took place on Monday, November 7th at the Jardines de Cecilio Rodríguez and brought together the most elite of the legal world. Those chosen as equality ambassadors to the rhythm of the promotional videos received their awards from their godmothers at WLW. The appointment of Pascual Sala, a lawyer and former President of the Constitutional Court now at the law firm RocaJunyent, and his appointment from WLW president and same firm partner Marlen Estévez, as well as the award of the medal, was particularly touching. Lupicinio Rodriguez on behalf of his daughter Fátima Rodríguez. Ukraine’s Ambassador to Spain Serhii Pohoreltsev could not be there due to the war situation in his country. His appointment caused an ardent applause among the attendees.

The new list of ambassadors includes influential figures in the legal, business and political sectors. These representatives pledged to defend genuine and effective equality in their fields. They are the new WLW 2022 ambassadors:

  1. President of the Senate, Mr. Ander Gil.
  2. D. Pedro González-Trevijano, President of the Constitutional Court.
  3. D. José Manuel Albares, Minister of Foreign Affairs.
  4. D. Emiliano García-Paje, president of the autonomous community of Castilla La Mancha.
  5. D. Fernando López Heritage, President of the Region of Murcia.
  6. D. Álvaro García Ortiz, State Attorney General.
  7. D. Juan Romo, rector of the University of Carlos III.
  8. D. José Luis Bonnet, President of the Spanish Chamber of Commerce.
  9. D. Ricardo Gabaldón, chairman of the General Social Alumni Council.
  10. D. Pascual Sala, former President of the Constitutional Court.
  11. D. Pablo Matos, chairman of the Canary Islands Advisory Council.
  12. Mr. Nicolás Oriol Enciso, Secretary General of Telefónica Spain.
  13. Mr. Ángel Rivera, Managing Director of Banco de Santander Commercial Banking.
  14. D. Celso Rodríguez Padrón, president of the Madrid High Court of Justice.
  15. D. José María Ortiz, Rector of Villanueva University.
  16. Dear Lupicinio Rodríguez, President Lupicinio Abogados.
  17. The Ambassador of Ukraine to Spain, Mr. Serhii Pohoreltsev.
  18. Mr Adolfo Díaz-Ambrona, Secretary General of the Banco de Santander.
  19. Mr. Carlos Alonso, Village Value retail manager.

WLW chief Marlen Estévez gave the finishing touch with a speech in which she recalled the mobilization tsunami that followed the death of 22-year-old Masha Amini, who died while in the custody of the morality police in Tehran (Iran) for wearing the veil badly. In Estévez’s words, this “triggered a wave of protests that focused more than ever on women’s struggle against an intolerable authoritarianism.” Estévez advocated accelerating the slow pace through which the conquest of full equality between men and women passed, and therefore asked the new ambassadors “to be more committed, if possible, to using your talents and position to expand values.” and WLW targets”.

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