World Championship, great!

World Championship, great!

Yes colleague, yes friend, yes yes for those who are bored with the subject. The world, always divided into nations, has been in fratricide wars. Against each other, out of arrogance, economy, jealousy, selfishness, antipathy… And it’s nice to see all the countries of the world competing with each other with a leather ball. Isn’t it great? No more fights, conflicts, revenge, hatred… Republic or monarchy, communist, democratic or dictatorial regime, they all compete in a football match. And it doesn’t matter if they are black, white, Chinese or brown. By the way, I’ve read that Moor doesn’t mean Muslim, it’s an obscure word that has its origins in the Greek and Latin dictionary. Of course our hatred of the old Qatari regime.

They play Spain against Costa Rica, Japan against Germany, England against Iran, the United States against Wales, etc. Steppes against Christians, communists against democrats, and the Chinese whoever they are. An honorable exception, Russia was not allowed this time to intervene to abuse, invade and rob Ukraine. And so every four years, they first eliminate each other in groups, and then the second and third stage, until, by the way, there is no advantage or reward, as in battles, there is only one world champion, the honor of winning and a trophy.

Both of the players are fighting fairly with gallantry and courage. Then they greet and even hug each other. And the referee who runs the match can be black, white or mixed race, no matter who the opponents are. He is the one who commands without a gun, without a rifle or a hand pump, and of course without any objections. And a very exemplary anecdote: At the end of the match against Germany, which was refereed by none other than Iban Bartay, the Japanese spectators collected and cleared the entire field and stands of garbage and rubble. To set an example of motu proprio and courtesy and cleanliness.

And viewers? The 2002 World Cup (according to FIFA) was watched by over 2,000 million people (including me). So that those who do not like football should not say what a rounding!, what a tabarra. While there are people who prefer First Dates or the El Hormiguero card, that’s a good thing. But the sport is good, very good.

This reminds me of an event that took place in Greco-Roman antiquity. Two armies facing each other and ready for battle. However, they decide that only three men from each side should fight, and that the winner will bring victory to their armies. They fired, facing each other, and two were killed on the one hand and three badly wounded on the other. One went to the enemy, was eliminated, then the other in the same way, and the third went towards the already almost dead enemy and fell at his feet. And they did, saving thousands of lives. The same can be done while playing a football game today.

Note: Unfortunately, in the matches I have seen, I observe that there is no softness that is very common in our league. Let me explain, a player is touched and immediately falls to the ground, as if a broken sternum or the like. That’s an exaggeration, you can’t be that buttery. They should learn from the honesty of World Cup players.

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